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    Looking For Tricks!

    Everyone has already given some very great resources on getting started, so I thought I'd offer a different piece of advice. The success rate of being able to palm a card and get away with it is not dependent on the size of your hand. It helps to have bigger hands, but it by no means dictates...
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    Is this a good trick?

    Doug Henning's whole style was a bit hokey, but I personally love it. Also, it's important to note that back in the day, the idea of a magician was Harry Blackstone Jr., who was real proper and clean; Doug's magic was a far cry of that status quo, and it attracted a brand new audience. Doug was...
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    Sleights that elude you.

    Many times, magicians see a sleight occur and think it's the most obvious thing in the world. I used to be SHOCKED that the final loads in the cups and balls or chop cup would fool people; I mean, the move is almost always unnatural in a certain way. For example, Cosmo brings the cups straight...
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    Thinking about stop doing magic

    However, it is important to note that the significant others of magicians generally hate magic. This phenomenon is so widespread, it has become a stereotype among the pros. In a podcast with Johnny Thompson, Bob White, and Harry Riser (all of whom were Charlie Miller's proteges), Harry Riser...
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    Thinking about stop doing magic

    I am truly sorry to hear about your struggles. Magic is something that is highly dependent on the environment it is performed. I bet you could tell between stage and street, much less two different countries and cultures. If you are determined to keep performing, I have two suggestions. One is...
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    Is magic an art form?

    I think anything can be an artform, if done correctly. It depends on how you define it, but my vague definition is something that exudes imagination and invokes emotion. With that framing, I see art in all sorts of things. Movies, paintings, buildings, sports, dress, food, books, organization...
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    The magic of Johnny Thompson
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    No Stupid Questions

    With all due respect, you didn't read my post thoroughly. I explicitly stated I could give a ton of reasons why books are good. I only stated this single superficial reason because it seemed to fit the questioner's intention.
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    Why would you want to change the method? You would only do that if there's a weakness you don't like in the current method.
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    No Stupid Questions

    If you are looking to just be an online magic influencer, then Strong Magic and Maximum Entertainment is definitely not for you. Those books are used to develop your performing skills and widen your knowledge of theory. Online, attention spans are so short that none of that will come into play...
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    What is favourite piece of non-magic?

    A Grave Mistake by Dick Stoner
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    Good Tricks For School Environment?

    If you can avoid it, try not to learn your magic from Youtube. The quality of instruction there is inconsistent and often poor. In my experience, many videos presume that you already have the foundations and gloss over very important but little details. Back in middle school many years ago, I...
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    What is the best T11 trick that I should get? I have $25

    One of the worst habits you can develop as a magician is buying tricks that you don't need or will perform. Especially when in today's market, a single trick can cost at least 20 dollars. It's best to master the material you have and polish it into a good routine. But if you have to buy...
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    What’s better to be «technical» or «magician» ?

    It all depends on what you perceive the differences between a magician and technician to be, and which of those differences you value the most. But really, the quality that is the most important is the ability to be entertaining! Let's look at two very different performers: Doug Henning and...
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    Best Chop Cup Routines

    I completely agree, only a few people could ever come close to imitating Paul Daniels. My suggestion was only to stir up inspiration for chop cup routines
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