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    Tips on center dealing

    Thanks... I do have some upcoming projects, but it should wait a bit. My centers have became better now than they were before, yet I am still not thinking I am someone that should teach the move. If you want to teach an unoriginal move, you should be one of the best in the world in doing that...
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    Top 3 impromptu card effects

    I suggest you pick up the royal road to card magic
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    Old Trick

    Well, there are tricks in expert at the card table.
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    Greek shuffle (false)

    Expert at the card table, blind shuffles(retaining entire order), fourth method. that is the original name of the shuffle.
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    Young Magician Skype Group

    Yup, definently should do it!
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    Maybe a new control

    I came up with the move independetly, I added some more touches and made it look clean from most of the angles, the basic idea is the same, but in detail, the move is different in lots of fine points. I will not call out names, but people teach moves that aren't theirs all the time.
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    Bottom Deal

    I am not sure if this is a laggy video, or just couldn't be seen from the speed, but you seem to have the stiff thumb problem. When you deal fairly, you use the thumb from the dealing grip hand to push over that top card, but when you strike the bottom, your thumb is still. This is the one of...
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    Something for the gambling move lovers

    Oh, sorry for responding a bit late. This isn't something anyone would use at the card table. I practice gambling moves of all kinds, and if I'd move in a game, it would be done by overhand shuffle, gamblers cop and a bottom deal. Deck taps and squaring up are just things that I do when I don't...
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    Is this original?

    Oh, that was great thinking! You, my friend, just brought this to a higher level :D
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    Maybe a new control

    oh. too bad. still, do you think I can teach it to people?
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    Maybe a new control

    Have you seen this before?
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    Is this original?

    Thanks for your tips and advice :) It was created especially for gambling demonstration, and I don't use the push trough, I use my false shuffle, which never gets detected. Just wondered what you think about it.
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    Is this original?

    A few days ago I came up with this trick. Could anybody tell me if this is original or not? And if this is a good-okayish one?
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    What to add to my card repertoire?

    I would say yougo through the Royal road to card magic. With mastering everything with that book, you will be more than a good card magician.
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    Forces of a SEEN card.

    A similar, in my opinion better, move has been invented about 80 years ago, by a croatian magician. Although I like this version, his one is a bit more practical.
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