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Eric Jones
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  • Hey,

    I am VERY, VERY, VERY interested in your DVD, Mirage Et Trois.

    But I have a question...Is there any gimmicks (Shells) involved in the Routines? Or is all you need is 3 coins?

    I would VERY MUCH like to add this into my rep. as I am loving the looks of this, A LOT.

    Thanks in advance,

    Inferno Kaiser
    Hey! Your lecture and show were awesome! im still working on the Ishkabibble sandwich. Do you know if you're going to stay for MAWNY after Four F's?
    Good luck at your lecture this weekend man! Let me know if you ever lecture around here (VA/MD) anytime soon...would love to go!


    P.S. If you happen to bypass some of I-95 by taking 301 (Craine highway) on your way to NY, let me know. I live in Southern Maryland. Jussayin'..... ;)
    yo eric! haha you got a 1-on-1 what the heck! thats insane haha can't wait till you come to lecture this weekend its gunna be sick!
    Hey Eric, I think I saw you lecture in New York or Philadelphia once. We actually jammed for a bit. I don't expect you to remember, but you've a lot of talent. Just giving props... you're awesome.

    wow, did you ever do a lecture in Columbia Maryland, for the SAM? because your video of hellbound spellbound is almost exactly the same as one performed. Even your voice is the same. Haha if you don't remember i was the one who went up to you and asked about whether or not i should have bought the trilogy.
    Good to know you man. I don't mind jamming at all. I've been doing magic for almost 10 years now and I've come up witha ton of my own magic, some of which has been featured in magic magazines. I've got a set of lecture notes out and have shot several DVDs, the first of which just came out last week called Mirage Et Trois. search just about anywhere on the net and you'll find it. I lecture all over the country and will be lecturing and performing in Las Vegas @ The World Magic Seminar if you're interested in attending.

    I'm ALWAYS up to meet new magicians and I try to make myself available as often as possible for online sessions, so hit me up whenever you have time. My yahoo Screen name is ericdaredd2002. Check out my website:

    and my Youtube channel:

    Keep in touch,

    Hey whats up! Nice video of Hellbound. I have been waiting to see a performance from a black magician for soo long that its rediculous. I have been wanting to post a video but it has to be good you know what i mean. I just want to represent us well. If you dont mind I would like to get your email address or something so that maybe we can collaborate on some ideas and things. I have been doing magic for 6 years now, but I have been back and forth from Iraq and home so I have not had a chance to really see how far I can go with it. But I have been dying to create some of my own stuff. That is what seems to get peoples attention now a days. Anyway, hit me up on yahoo..... jwalton150... if your interested.

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