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Recent content by EugeneSoh

  1. EugeneSoh

    Saturday Night Contest - Create a Flourish!

    This really got to me... I had to... New style, new grips, new displays, and anything else I've never seen before. I call this the Double-X-540-Flying-Flourish of Justice! Just for kicks.... Yah!!! :)
  2. EugeneSoh

    Snap Fan Tutorial Yes, I'm somewhat back. Finally. Inspired by Jaspas' table flick fan thingy he showed me when I went to Singapore in '08. Edited using iMovie HECK YEAHHH!!! :) Music by Bonobo
  3. EugeneSoh


    Think of something no one else would think of.
  4. EugeneSoh

    Let's Get To Know Each Other!

    1. Me doing one of my displays which i don't have a name for! 2. My reaction to my own anaconda. 3. A somewhat normal picture of me =) or you can just check out my facebook =P
  5. EugeneSoh

    Styles of Flourishing

    I didn't read most of this thread. I only read like the first post then saw you guys debating. I have no idea if this is relevant to you guys' debate because i skimmed through most of it. This is just my response to the first post... Everyone has their own style. Call it what you want, but at...
  6. EugeneSoh

    Problem with the cardistry community...

    why don't you talk more often leon..? -.- if you really don't like it, do what i do. stay off the forums unless you have a good point to bring to the table. forums only hinder you from doing something more productive. random trash forum-talks won't get you anywhere. the best thing to do on...
  7. EugeneSoh

    Touching / Grabbing During Effect

    This is why you don't perform for girls... =) you have 3 options... •don't use cards •don't use hands •don't use coins =) be creative!
  8. EugeneSoh

    Andrei Jikh Questions

    bboytroopsz? is this another bboy i see??
  9. EugeneSoh

    CCC2009 Video Discussion

    singapore time... -.-
  10. EugeneSoh

    Meer in Dallas/Ft. Worth Area

    reppin' plano! w00t!! hit me up! private message or something man.. dallas is only like 30 mins away =P
  11. EugeneSoh

    CCC2009 Video Discussion

    ambrose, garry, bao in that order... that's how it's gonna be placed =P i'm going to say congrats in advanced and good job everyone!
  12. EugeneSoh

    CCC2009 Video Discussion

    wow.. now it sounds like i was fishing for compliments xD. but thanks haha sorry for the low quality guys! we ran into some glitches with the HD. hope it's all good with you guys =P
  13. EugeneSoh

    CCC2009 Video Discussion

    Vogue Rogues suck. don't watch them.
  14. EugeneSoh

    XCM or Flourishing?

    This is what happens when I come back to the forums... -.-
  15. EugeneSoh

    Saturday Night Contest - The Most in a Minute

    I believe I am entitled to my own opinion. My main point was that they preach about creativity to us like this is a sermon. I just want to open the artist's, crew's, whatever you wanna call them's eyes to the other side of creativity, or my view on it.
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