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    Artifice v2? Really?

    As William stated, E is releasing V2 for the purpose of correcting problems that the community had with the original deck. If anything, you should be happy that E listens to its customers and makes changes accordingly.
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    dan and dave v6's sold out ?

    They may have printed less of the v6's than they did the v5's.
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    Smoke and mirrors v6 question

    Where did you hear that these aren't limited edition and such? Dan & Dave say in the comments of this thread here that it will be 'limited and never to be reprinted.'
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    Smoke and mirrors v6 question

    That's a shame that T11 wont be selling them. Shipping is cheaper here.
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    EKAF Download

    My apologies... I had assumed (using common sense) that if he were teaching the moves in the combo for free, that he would no longer be selling the actual move itself. Sort of ruins the point - doesn't it? Perhaps it's just me.
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    EKAF Download

    While I'm glad to see you no longer selling this combo (and I hope you refunded anyone that bought it), I seriously hope that you have consent to teach moves such as Bullet and Angel. If Bone Ho & Andrei Jikh haven't given you permission to teach their material, then you shouldn't be teaching...
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    EKAF Download

    I agree - if you don't have permission to teach that material then you could be in some serious trouble.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Match 'Em Up!

    1. Alex Geiser 2. Dan White 3. Mike Hankins 4. Calen Morelli 5. Andrei Jikh 6. B. Smith 7. Chris Mayhew 8. Eric Ross 9. Blake Vogt
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    Jarod, I do still own several decks of White Cents but I'm not looking to sell any right now. :/

    Jarod, I do still own several decks of White Cents but I'm not looking to sell any right now. :/
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    The Cardist - Shirts

    Let me just say... if $175 is donated - I'll include a deck of Red Crown, JAQK, and DeckOne v1 - the other 3 are random selection. Also - thanks for the support guys. Jeff Lianza did a great job on the design. :)
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    The Cardist - Shirts

    At TheCardist we have released our first project. We're excited about it and plan to use them for contest, giveaways, and occasionally sell them. We just wanted to let you know and see if anyone was interested in supporting us. :) Click Here If this is an inappropriate topic, then...
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    You know you're a card artist when...

    When people start thinking you're in a bad mood every time you DON'T have cards in your hands.
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    Download server down????

    Same. Still no fix.
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    Download server down????

    This has been happening to me since yesterday. I've tried downloading it on 3 different computers from 2 different locations... using Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and I.E. - no success yet. I've had my downloads reset several times already lol.
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    Cardistry - What's The Point?

    I flourish because it's entertaining for me and my friends, it keeps my hands in shape, passes the time, and provides memorable experiences. I work full time at a hotel and I spend part of my morning flourishing for the guest simply because it's something extra I can do to add to the guest...
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