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    Sterling World Teen Champion Magician

    I just found out he will be performing his 2 hour show Aug. 29th at the Lincoln Theater in Mt. Vernon Wash.
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    Sterling World Teen Champion Magician

    He is amazing. He graduated from Lynden High School this year, just turned 18. I talked with him at his performance here and he really has his act together.
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    Sterling World Teen Champion Magician

    Has anyone here seen Sterling? I had the opportunity to see him at a local event here and really enjoyed his show. The kid has excellent stage presence. hek him out at
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    9780 Clothing

    I think you mean It is a good deal.
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    Infant by papercraneproductions

    I wonder if the DVD will cover how to make your own baby?
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    Jason Latimer

    Have you guys seen this guy. He puts on a really good show.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Dressed to Impress

    Proffesor Dumbledore and Harry Potrter Harry Potter and Ron Harry Potter and Herminie
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    Saturday Night Contest - Objectry Challenge

    Congratulations! I am just glad they were not used diapers.
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    T11 Round Table Discussion - Wayne Houchin

    Would you ever consider coming to Eureka Ca. There needs to be some culture brought to this place. Plus it is Humboldt county and I am sure you have heard what the main crop is here.
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    Bicycle Guardians :: A Year's Supply

    Richman Matthew PM me your address and I will see what I can do. Awhile back I won the SNC and got a six pack and willing to share with you a pack.
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    Coolest Single Effect DVD

    For me I like "The Asher Twist". I have had to overcome a missing finger handicap to get this one ut figured a way and I get good reactions.
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    My Thoughts on CelebraCadabra

    Great 23 year olds acting like 10 year olds. What I do not understant is that the sponsor of this show has claimed for years to be against exposure yet during the show they advertise to go to this site to learn mind numbing magic be taught no less by the head honcho. I will admit that they...
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