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  • Hey,
    I wanted to make clear why I created a thread. You can disagree but please come to me first. I'd rather be corrected in private than public. I'm sure you understand.

    Reasons to post about the release of the Dan and dave's new site on the theory11 boards.

    1. As a response to the various posts and threads asking "Why is there a countdown on Dan and Dave's website". Such as the thread that was 2 pages long entitled "Countdown"

    2. Dan and Dave have always been tied to theory11 from the beginning. There may be some at theory11 that would appreciate news from these guys.

    3. Many threads are devoted to product reviews. A website is a product and so this thread is not very different from many others here on this forum

    Finally I didn't mean any harm by creating a thread that talks about pertinent news in the magic and cardistry world. If I offended or hurt you in anyway let me know. Otherwise, if you can't say something nice, please, don't say anything at all.
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