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Recent content by frezzing aces

  1. frezzing aces

    Another year, another vid

    Hello theory 11, it has been awhile. I got a new video, check it out c:
  2. frezzing aces

    Public Libraries?

    when i started magic i learnt really complex stuff. i could perform it, but i realized i got just if not more reaction from simple stuff. now i hand tailor all my routines for my own style and im a better magician because of it
  3. frezzing aces

    Trick Safety

    yeah eating them is so much quicker :p
  4. frezzing aces

    Through and through for the first time!

    its kinda funny cause i do a lot of "freak" magic but i cant stand pain
  5. frezzing aces

    Magic Banned at School!

    man i flourish in class, if we are watching a movie or something. learn a really good deck vanish, make em go before they're gone.
  6. frezzing aces

    The Pros & Cons of Magic on Camera

    lol that instantly reminded me of your roulette prediction vid
  7. frezzing aces

    New Logo: Opinions?

    hmm good but the only thing that got me was the background colour. try make it blood red and give it a slight gradient, or just white.
  8. frezzing aces

    Marketing Myself

    figure out who you are trying to perform to and then decided what medium would best promote you to that audience. e.g. if you do kids magic for birthday parties then a website wouldn't promote you as good as an ad in the yellow pages. but nothing is as good promotion as an amazing performance
  9. frezzing aces

    Reducing Noise of Bottom Deal

    try to not to remove it, but cover it up. try to imitate the sound of a bottom deal when you deal normally.
  10. frezzing aces

    hey! another kiwi! what part of nz are you in? im in christchurch

    hey! another kiwi! what part of nz are you in? im in christchurch
  11. frezzing aces

    Deck Dating

    well if i want to date a deck, i take her out for a nice dinner, afterwards i drive her home, she will invite me in for coffee, we go and sit on the couch to watch some tv, then i yawn while causally putting my arm around her.......Then i check for a barcode!
  12. frezzing aces

    Free shipping for $75+ order?

    well slightly off topic, but if i get $100 worth of bikes, to ship to nz, it costs about $100. kinda counter intuitive.
  13. frezzing aces

    FIGHT CLUB 10th Anniversary

    fight club i awesome. im a fight club nut, and i suggest reading the book as well.
  14. frezzing aces

    Kiwi Cut Tutorial

    did you name this after the bird or a person from new zealand?
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