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    Yeah I'm a big brock fan as well. Evangelusion is the title of my church show

    Yeah I'm a big brock fan as well. Evangelusion is the title of my church show
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    Keep on keeping on I am a Evangelusionist as well brother.

    Keep on keeping on I am a Evangelusionist as well brother.
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    Ever Think of Making a Schedule...

    Here is some thing that can be a fun way to practice Here is a technique I use and have for about 4 years now. I took an old bike deck and wrote 1 sleight or trick on the back of each card. I would turn the deck face up and faro and then overhand shuffle and cut the deck twice. Then you turn...
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    D'lites or Tagged?

    A good non card effect I wear a ring, I remove it show it and then it vanishes, only to reappear back where it started on my finger. short simple and effective
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    What was the first effect you learned?

    First effect I learned The first effect I learned was a spelling trick out of World's greatest card tricks by Bob Lounge
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    What do you bring?

    What I bring I bring A Boris Wild Deck Business cards (blank back) in a buisness card wallet Gemini Pouch with a folded prediction on business card Sharpie for predictions on the backs of business cards A Swami Gimmick Keep in mind I market myself as a psychological illusionist...
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    Reputation Makers: What's Yours?

    My reputation maker is..... an effect I call The EmotioDeck from my lecture notes. It gets a great reaction and people remember me and what I did, not just some guy who did a cool flashy cutty dancing card thing.
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    First Lecture: Lessons Learned

    This last thursday I gave my first magic lecture to a group called the Southern California Association of Magicians. It went really well and everyone had a great time. Being my own worst critic I sat back and thought about it over the last week, I did learn a two valuable lessons that I wanted...
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    Smooth or fast?

    Smooth Smooth allows folks to appreciate flourshing as a skill, do it to fast and they won't be able to fully appreciate the amount of practice that goes into it
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    An Essay on Gospel Magic

    Here is the basic lay out of my show this will be a 3 part post as the show is broken into 3 parts Illusion, Mentalism, and Message Part 1 Illusion The first 3rd of the show is purely for entertainment purposes involving some classic effects (with my own presentations) Please do not...
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    An Essay on Gospel Magic

    Coming from a Christian Illusionists perspective An excelent essay William. Something I strive for when I do Church shows is to make the magic strong but the message strong as well. Virtually any effect can be adopted to have any message that you want to put out with it. However, there are...
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    March 2009 :: What Drives You?

    What Drives Me? I am driven in our art to create new and different effects that are based heavily on time honored classics. I am driven to pursue magic as an artform and a viable source of entertainment not as an oooh look at me I can do weird things hobby. I am driven by presentational...
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