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Recent content by Gary T.

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    Saturday Night Contest - On the Edge

    Too late for the contest. but here is my pic I took anyway, wish i had remembered the SNC, i found out just a bit too late, oh well, enjoy the pic! for the record, that is the nine ball on the end of the stick, pic was taken with my seriously horrible webcam just because thats all I have.
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    THE GIFT - matt sconce

    ok. so if you use this to make a pen spin, can you stop it and reverse directions like you can with SPIN?
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    Is He a Magician?

    i think this thread is almost dead, i couldnt allow it to die, i dont think candlejack would like it at all if we let this die, but as long as I'm here i would like to note that i said his name already an nothing happend, i knew this was complete bull i mean seriously, what kind of person...
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    I already seen this trick

    lol that happened to me alot in places like school or other places where people either know me or for some other reason don't expect me to do something like that, mostly with other people my age that I'm around alot, like school, before i got my reputation built, just ask them if their sure and...
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    Eclipse = awesome

    i dont have this, but i really dont want it, its not beautiful its odd, i dont see any use for it in my magic because it just seems fishy, seriously do you think you could pull a card off the deck like that and put it back without the spectators thinking it looks awkward?
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    How to design a business card~ Essay #5 by JDG

    card begone! idk why i posted my card, i must of been sleep deprived as i dont remember doing this.... not a good idea to post my phone number online...
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    No Flash

    send me a challenge and ill take you on
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    Brad Christian DVD

    i personally have 4 of his dvds, i have how to do street magic, king rising levitation, inside magic, and ninja 1, and i think hes an excellent teacher, he goes over everything well, and i admit when you look back after you know it and watch the dvd again your like "wow, do we really need to go...
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    What t11 Has Become

    personally, i have no problem with E, lots of great material, lots of good people. and theyre always doing some sort of competition to win stuff, and i have seldomly been disappointed by something i ordered there, with the exception of sick by sean fields, which is a decent effect but not...
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    Little Guide To Start Perfoming in Restaurants or Bars

    ok i have one MAJOR tip for some of you, if you have a trick where maybe you eat a thread and pull it out through ur eye, you may think "Hey thats cool" and so might some other people your age, personally i find it amazing, but steer clear of that for resturaunt work, just because, these people...
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    Little Guide To Start Perfoming in Restaurants or Bars

    yes, that is a good point always start with something quick and impressive, this guy named matthew hampel has a dvd out through magic makers titled card in cake, and theres a trick on there called opening coins, its a great trick to start with at a restaurant, its patter includes an...
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    About to start Bar Magic... advice?

    one HUGE tip that im also gonna post on the thread luis started, you said thread, in ur list of tricks, is this thread by wayne houchin, if so, i do not recommend it for resturaunt work, some teenage/college kids may enjoy it, but as a pretty obvious general rule of thumb, these people are about...
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    Best resources of learning classic pass and riffle pass?

    i learned the pass and riffle pass from the same spot luis did its a dvd by brad christian from ellusionist titled ninja 1, the only problem is brad has to rush through it on bits so you have to go back and watch it a few times, my pass isn't good enough to fool a blind horse, but thats because...
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    This Is Why You Rehearse!

    ok the main problem that stemmed into all him problems i see is that he practiced no where near enough to do this on the last one, so he put himself in a large ammount of danger which shouldnt have been done, and then the biggest problem that i would like th smack this guy across the head for is...
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    "673 King Street" Effect

    i have seen this once before, and ithink its really amazing, i thought about watching him do it a few times and memorize it, but i really dont feel like memorizing that much patter for one trick at this point
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