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    How to Win Friends and Influence People

    I cant say enough good stuff about this book. As I started my marketing business I sat down with some successful business owners. I asked questions, lots of them. One of my first questions was if they could do things over, or tell themselves a piece of advice when they were in my shoes, what...
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    Genesis v3?

    Just checking on the status of Genesis V3. V2 was released first part of 2011, nearly 3 years ago. From what I remembered, all the footage was shot at the same time, so.. what happened? Did the TOoC DVD snatch up V3?? Keep up the good work, look forward to an update. Thank you! -Tyler
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    t11 Forum Q&A // 001 [November 2013]

    Hey Damien. I love hypnosis, and I have studied it quite a bit. So I feel like I have a lot of head knowledge about hypnosis theory but have never had the confidence to perform it and go for an induction (actually I tried once on a friend which had no affect). Most of my study has been along the...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Inside the Box

    38 decks in the box
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    splitting cards trouble

    I would like to hear people's tips on regluing the sides together as that is not covered on split sessions v1. What glue do you use? How do you keep them aligned initially? Thank you!
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    practicing on airplanes

    Ostrich pillow! Love it. You know Ostriches don't actually bury their heads in the sand. They would suffocate as they inhale sand. Just one of the many things we hear and therefor repeat without thinking. To stay on topic, bring a variety of things. Books, DVDs, and a deck or 3.
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    ACAAN - Your favourite version/Best version

    Ive played with a few ACAANs but my favorite and the only one I use now is YAMFACAAN. Its impromtu and could be done with a borrowed deck immediately after the spectator shuffles, can you really beat that? Some other versions may come across cleaner to other magicians but they require multiple...
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    Rebels Deck Review

    Great review. All the info you need, no fluff. Most reviews I see only talk about the look of the deck, which is 100% subjective, making their review totally pointless. I also appreciate a review where the reviewer doesnt say "nice" 112 times.."the deck feels nice. It spreads nice, I like the...
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    Pressure - Contents?

    You only get the DVD, so IMO why not go with the download and save the shipping? You'll need to get some balloons, wait until you get the DVD / DL because he'll give you the size. If you get smaller balloons you wont be able to fit phones etc in them. Anyway, basically you'll stick to square /...
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    Amazing find at Goodwill

    Its odd that everyone keeps saying that, I actually did find a sealed deck of Jerrys at my local goodwill about 2 years ago. Bought it for .50 cents and resold it on ebay for over $200 with the .50 cent sticker still on it. I'm sure there are more out there. Its good being blessed and highly...
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    Bicycle Archangles Questions

    How limited will these cards be? I really like them, for the first time in a looong time I've liked the cards as much or better than the box. I just want to know if you plan to keep them in stock long term. Also is there any difference between T-11's version and the ones on the bicycle website...
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    What Do You Take With You?

    It's an interesting idea to have an ACR deck, but why not give away the signed card? Granted I think a lot fewer spectators actually hang on to signed cards than we magicians would like to think, but to some they are a treasure and a great memory - ive never even thought about hanging on to...
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    porperclip for 5$??

    First I think it should be made clear that it is Not ok to buy from sites like this. They are obviously knock offs and even if they are good replicas its not ethical what they do so buying from them would be just as unethical. We're all looking for ways to save $$ but don't sell your morals to...
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    Magic By Pavel Yakimov HD

    Good points. However if you cant turn a single card over without being "ugly and tense" maybe that person should stick to collecting stamps. Seriously though, that person should not be practicing a DL anyway, thats walking before you can crawl. And I still stick to my point that your single...
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    Magic By Pavel Yakimov HD

    I disagree with that quote. A double lift should be handled just as you would a single lift / turnover. That means its different for everyone. Sorry, not everyone turns over one card "like a flower" (whatever that really means). Find out how you natually turn over a single card and mime it with...
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