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    Oh wow, thanks! You have a great day too :)

    Oh wow, thanks! You have a great day too :)
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    Yeah, I do card stuff too, but I've been trying to get into coins - I can't do much with shells...

    Yeah, I do card stuff too, but I've been trying to get into coins - I can't do much with shells or gimmicks like that though, because it's very hard to get them for Australian money; I think it's actually illegal to make them... stupid law... I remember you saying you had small hands... ever...
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    Haha yeah, sorry if I sounded a little agressive there :)
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    Haha yeah, sorry if I sounded a bit aggressive in that little discussion... I know what you mean...

    Haha yeah, sorry if I sounded a bit aggressive in that little discussion... I know what you mean about having to rant to make your opinion known. What kind(s) of magic are you into?
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    Brian Tudor and Daniel Madison among the best? I never said that. For the record, I dislike Tudor's style and really think he needs to get over himself. He uses speed as an excuse to be rough and choppy. I am well aware that there are hundreds of professional magicians who have contributed to...
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    Top 5 Impromptu Card Tricks?

    Hmmm... my most commonly performed would probably be the basic stuff you learn just starting out (tyvm Brad Christian). So, not including those obvious routines like ACR, 2CM, Biddle, etc., then a couple are (in no particular order): Half vanish, DM - very recently saw it & realised how cool it...
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    <rant> That was the biggest load of rubbish I've ever heard. You seem to be confusing 'magician' with 'trick monkey'. Name one (decent) professional magician who doesn't use misdirection. Even performers who are well known for the speed and elegance of their sleights - for example, Brian Tudor...
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    theory11 MEGA UPDATE : Battle System

    Pretty cool - an interesting idea, needs some polishing though. For example, a better way of viewing/organising battles would be good; maybe a search/filter function? The AJAX is cool. I love Mootools.
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    3 Trick Rule - Agree Or Disagree?

    I always considered that '3-trick-rule' to be more metaphorical than literal; it's pretty much just another version of the old 'quality over quantity'. That said, I don't know ANY professional magicians that only perform 3 tricks. Oh, and Volcan... Please, how exactly did that contribute to...
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    Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

    Thanks for your help and advice, guys. I'll be sure to check out Kenton Knepper's and Derren Brown's stuff, as well as maybe some of the early works of Bandler and Grinder, if I can get my hands on it. There's obviously a lot of different opinions on the authenticity of NLP though!
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    Official Business Card Thread

    Hmm I have one designed but not printed... not that it's complicated. Ever seen the movie Men in Black? Well... I feel that a business card with little decoration adds mystique. It just has Name Close-up illusionist Phone in a whitish font on a black card. A little dark blue splash of...
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    Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

    I've always had an interest in hynosis, suggestion, psychology and all that jazz - even though I haven't been able to get my hands on a lot of material, because it costs money that I don't have. I was considering making a sideways slide into neuro-liguistic programming (NLP). Again, of...
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    How many people actually perform?

    Hmm, it bothers me that a large amount(about half I estimate) of the people who call themselves part of the "magic" community perform only in front of a video camera. Myself, I have great difficulty performing for a camera - the main elements of magic, such as audience participation and...
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    Video Effects? What Are Those?

    I agree completely. Also, web designers have a saying: "Content is King" - In other words, having a video that's edited superbly and is packed full of cool effects doesn't matter if your actual content is bad. Effects can't make your magic(flourishing) look any better.
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    Magic shops in Sydney

    I've never been to Hey Presto, but Taylor's are pretty good. The address is Shop 3, 11 Spring St, Chatswood 2067. Also, if you don't mind ordering online, and you think Taylor's are a bit overpriced, try They sell lots of cards and some magic stuff, and the shipping...
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