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    America's Got Talent WHAATTT?!?

    So after watching these videos it seems the biggest difference for me is that there is a reason for every action in both videos. Whereas the America's Got Talent acts seem to be all over the place without any real reason. Any thoughts on this anyone?
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    America's Got Talent WHAATTT?!?

    Alrighty, so I was thinking about how Craig Browning said we were convincing ourselves that this guy is good. Well, I think I changed my mind about this guy and have now sided with Craig on this matter. Reason being that, I honestly have not ever really watched professional magicians and...
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    The Power of Visualizing

    Ever since I was a little dude I've always been taught by my father that visualizing things in your mind will help with just about anything. I've been doing it more seriously lately and I'm starting to find that I'm actually beginning to have photographic memory with some things. It's really...
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    America's Got Talent WHAATTT?!?

    I actually kind of enjoyed him. Sure he flashed alot, but I think the reason why I liked him was because of how happy he seemed. It was like he was having the time of his life being there and his emotions overflowed into his performance despite how poorly it might've been put together.
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    Bobo's Modern Coin Magic Study Guide Question

    I sorta like coin magic and I use it, but only when I don't have a deck of cards on me :D. However, to answer your question I have no idea what the best study guide is, but you should do whatever suits your needs best. Make routines out of the tricks as you progress it kinda helps with deciding...
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    A Break From the Mundane

    It's funny I feel like I can't ever really watch magicians anymore other than to learn. I feel like most of the entertainment value is gone since I usually know how every trick is done. However, you're right it is a great exchange that we get to make others happy now that we know how to do magic...
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    Human Blockhead?

    Crap, I hope I didn't influence you. I didn't realize anyone, but me did it with pens... Dude, I had the same argument with blockhead stunt on these forums awhile back and I lost. These guys are right, don't perform this until you're eighteen. Even then it's not a good idea to perform it. I've...
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    America's Got Talent

    I'm pretty sure my cat would kill me if I put it on my shoulders...
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    America's Got Talent

    If someone has the link for this year's one that'd be coolio if you could post it.
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    Coin Through Glass Idea

    Dude that's a great idea. Do you mind if I use this trick in one of my own routines?
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    Should I upload this video?

    Fill it with some fake audio then.
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    That was awesome, you flashed once or twice, but to be honest you just made me want to learn more magic with coins. (I'm mostly a card guy) Great job!
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    Unexaminable Objects?

    The thing you have to do is work on your misdirection so that you can switch your gimmicked object with objects that are examinable. It's usually not a good idea to just ignore the people when they ask to see your props.. it'll make you more distrustful in their eyes. However, if you can draw...
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    Other... Flourishing/Magic Forums is pretty bomb diggity.
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    You know you're a card artist when...

    My card senses are tingling, lol.
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