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    My Busking Experience (4th Week In)

    WELL, it's been quite a while since summer for my street performing. I've missed it quite a bit and I've finally found time in between my school work to do some more! Bad news- haven't been street performing cause of school Good news- 4.3 GPA! and a new trick in my routine! I'm going to try...
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    Street / Busking Magic

    Buy Jimmy Talksalot's book "To Lure With Spectacle" he's a professional busker and his book is STUFFED with information not from him, but from the greats. My show is spongeballs, a trick with 4 jokers to 4 places, and tossed out deck...that's it. It needs to be visual, and able to play big
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    My Busking Experience

    Well, first day back in a month,WOOOOO boy, I was rusty. I ends up with only 120 for a good 4 hours of performing. I coulda made more. Sleeveless, Stephen Sloan, is a professional street performer who watched my show and critqued it and gave me a LOT of good advice that I will share with you...
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    I am in a bit of trouble here

    I was about to say, I'm having visions of My Big Fat Greek Wedding where he ends up saying "I have 3 testicles" anyways, best of luck with the japanese. I've found that forcing the same card, ambitous card, and transpositions are very effective
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    My Busking Experience

    Reviving an old thread, but I didn't wanna start another one. So I got my permit for Balboa Park, got the best spot in the park, very happy about that! I will be there tomorrow (sunday) from about 12- 4 depending on the weather and how many people are there. Come out if you can, I will report...
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    New Effect "Pen-e-trate"

    No, what I meant by a reason is that this trick would never flow in a routine. It seems to be a GREAT stand alone effect. But that's what it's a stand alone effect. it seems to me very "bottle, pen, bam, pen in bottle" No build or anything An ambitous card routine has a build, for...
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    Getting people to watch your tricks...?

    I STRONGLY suggest you pick up Jimmy Talksalot's book, To Lure with Spectacle it will teach you volumes on street performing
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    Are you a good magician?

    I know I'm a good magician because people stay and watch my show. I know I'm a good magician because I'm able to draw a crowd, keep a crowd, perform for a crowd, and get paid by a crowd. People don't give you money if you suck...and if they do, then I have made a LOT of pity money
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    What's your reason for performing card magic ?

    I perform card magic because I think it's cool. I thought it was really really neat so I wanted to learn it. I make money from magic so that's good too. NOONE and I mean absolutely NOONE gets into magic at first for "sharing an experience with new people" or any of that other hard hitting...
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    When you're not doing magic...

    Catch up on the latest politics (RIP Teddy) Spend time with my girlfriend (be jealous) street performing (2nd favorite) read (1984, into the wild, slaughter house five, etc. etc.) do AP homework (actually not that hard) walk everywhere I can, take public tranist, explore (very rewarding on a...
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    Criss Angel Levitation through screen...

    anyone have a video of this?
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    You can't pick-up chicks with magic?

    you sound like you knocked a coke addiction
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    original effect. new concept towards the sandwich effect. i think.

    "my mommy said that you smell like poop" "your mommy is stupid" "your stupid" "no your stupid"
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    New Effect "Pen-e-trate"

    It's a good effect. But I ask...Why? What motivation or cause do you have to stick a pen in a water bottle?I guess your patter can be "I hate using pockets to hold my pens, they always leak and break. So I learned that a water bottle is best for this, because they are meant to hold things that...
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    You can't pick-up chicks with magic?

    It depends on youre performance style. Mine was very flirty and very outgoing and (for lack of a better term) ballsy, so girls were very much inclinced to get to know me better. At no point did I use strcitly magic to "pick up" girls. I say it's impossible, the only time I use magic is once...
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