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  • We usually dont have a set time to chat, if we are connected in here, we usually just sent ourselves some VM to go online in the chat, if a chat begins and I see you online in here I'll tell you :D.

    Star wars freacking rocks!
    missa? Jar jar binks? (im a nerd), usually their nicknames will be on the user's list, at your right, if you are the only one on the list, it means you are the only one in the chat.:)
    You really want to know? you should join us in the chats from time to time :) cool things happens there every now and then.....
    G, I'm headed off to snowboard camp July 28th!
    Saw your pictures where you were hittin some box or rail with cards in your hands and it remided me to tell you!
    Norway still have some snow??
    Haha, well thanks again. Everyone knows I try and dig into the creepy with my photo manipulation. I was actually thinking of using it in an effect. Check it out. I figure I print it out on a full sheet of paper without the blood. Present it to someone, fold it up and do a bill switch variation, perform B. Smith's Tears Of Blood effect, then show the picture with the blood on it. I haven't worked out any script for it yet, seeming as it's just an idea at the moment, but i'm thinking I could work with it.
    Well thank you very much, but if one more person kicks me in the nuts the only kids i'll ever have will be a quarter pack of Sea Monkeys.

    Thank you very much about the avatar. That's usually what I try to go for, haha.
    Yeah, but more of the indie game community than D&D. We're still talking roleplaying, rolling dice and what have you, but things like Dogs in the Vineyard, and sometimes White Wolf's stuff.

    I've always loved Orks, especially GW's Orks. The customization alone seems endless, what with the jury-rigged equipment and salvageables.
    deixa pra lah eu pesquisei e descobri que o nome é ''cimento vulcanizante'' cso vc tambem queira saber. :D
    dae cara hei vc sabe qual é o nome desse ''rubber cement'' aqui?
    Eu queria fazer o '''saw'' (aquele em q o fio entra no pescoço) mas não tenho noção do q essa bagaça seja... :/
    Hey G, it would be great if you coul comment and give any suggestion to my performance in the "go_Out.Perform" thread, Im trying to get people involved in there regularly, but it its kinda hard.Thanks for your time friend.
    valeu já mandei, é que eu fiquei de cara que mesmo com o frete lah dos EUA ainda ficava mais barato que comprar bicicles por aqui
    que massa não preciso mais entrar no babel fish pra postar mensagens aqui ^^

    Hey por falar nisso, vc sabe se tem como comprar produtos do site sem ter um cartão internacional?
    Dae cara, agora que eu vih a tua mensagem, da onde você é?
    Eu sou de Curitiba.
    Tem muitos brazileiros por aqui?
    E eu achando que éra o unico.... :D
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