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    Long time no see.

    Anybody I know still around? :cool:
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    Best Manipulation / Flourishing Cards

    Tally-.....should I even finish typing the name? :p
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    Gear Ideas

    If theory11 made some good quality shirts, hoodies, beanies, etc... I would buy them and support. I would really like to see some type of clothing related to Cardistry/Card Manipulation/XCM/Whatever Not everyone does magic you know. ;) (The thin, scraggly, ugly, and torn up looking shirts...
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    Are you ready?

    Id buy some!!! (not.)
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    Cool Card Box

    Wow...this was posted on HL and now it's everywhere....:eek: lol
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    Saturday Night Contest - Create a Flourish : Round III

    Jumpcut isn't working and I can't upload my video..:( Maybe next time.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Create a Flourish : Round III

    How can you tell if someone isn't using an old video or something? Anyone could easily save a move and use it for this contest... oh well....:o
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    Anybody here own Five Card Stud?

    I own it....why do you need to know? :eek:
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    Where do you go to find new flourishes?

    buy some dvd's.....they are good....don't ask wich ones either...just save a bunch of money and buy them all at once.....start with Xtreme Beginnerz though...
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    Wynn Casino Cards

    I just ordered a brick of wynns a few days ago. They aren't that rare. I would start buying them now though...;)
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    Masked Magician explains his reasons for exposure

    Yes it was a long time ago. I agree with his motive but I see many flaws in his technique to reveal. It's kind of an opinion thing. ehh...doesn't matter to me anyways...I flourish....=P At least I know how criss angel floats above buildings now...haha I knew it was a crane...:rolleyes:
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    Non-Sybil Flourishing DVD

    He said NO sybils.;)
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    My Owen Display

    Did you just say it is one handed and from the back of the hand? If so...I seriously doubt that... Looks like a random perch display to me....
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    Criss Angel Believe Review (by someone who saw it)

    After reading those review I kinda feel sorry for criss....:confused: I hope things work out for him.
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    Reason for friend request?

    Reason for friend request?
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