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    WINDOW by David Stone - AWESOME

    Anyone performed this effect with ultrasmoke? I reckon it'd be awesome.
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    Serial Biller - Rich F.

    and to add to that, there is also another BIG difference between the bill and a simple piece of paper - SERIAL number. It plays a huge part in this effect. I've managed to hold off ultrasmoke 2000 until now (or should i say Friday the 9th of Oct). One can only imagine how much ultrasmoke will...
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    Did I make a good purchase?

    It's never a good purchase without WH's THREAD & Sanders' TAGGED xD
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    X Finger review anyone?

    Yes it's out, and yes there are people who already received their DVDs let alone the Download... I'm unsure whether to pick this up or not, so i'm waiting for someone to be kind enough to write a review on this and help me make up my mind.
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    Brad Christian DVD

    Guys, just take the "he hypes it up so/too much" and "he does what a 12y/o can with some practice" as a "if i can do it, you can do it better" encouragement. Really, he's just showing you how simple a trick/sleight can have such huge impact on spectators. Brad is a fantastic teacher, sure people...
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    Tagged - Richard Sanders

    am still waiting for mine to arrive .__. should be in the next few days if not tomorrow
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    Mage Touch - I am here to answer your questions

    but i still don't like tha fact that the spectators are actually holding the gimmick themselves. I can already tell that i wont get away with performing this, cuz all the people i perform to, WILL go ahead and inspect everything they possibly can, let alone the stuff which is currently in their...
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    Experience with D&D customer service?

    after reading all the experiences/feedback u guys had with D&D Customer Service, i dun think i'll ever wanna shop there. I, for one, is very critical when it comes to customer service. T11 & Ellusionist hv got FANTASTIC customer service, they NEVER fail to reply longer than 2 days. But yeah, one...
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    Buy Infant

    DAAAAAAMN!!! everything was under control and all, UNTIL the very LAST part, before i managed to produce/reveal the baby, IT PEE'D FOR GOD'S SAKE! Word of advise- Cut off your baby's bladder system before performing. P.S. I had to clean up both the baby and the grown up spectator.
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    Tagged - Richard Sanders

    i would put "impromptu" as "no gimmicks from the audience's point of view"
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    Mage Touch - New PK Effect!

    Well Matty, you know it by heart that the video you're about to post is the decision maker for me. So better make sure it's good ;)
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    X Finger?

    it DOES require setup, heck, every trick requires a setup. The setup for X Finger is - Take a deep breath and think of how you would approach your audience. P.S. setup is totally optional btw xD
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    Tagged - Richard Sanders

    I just picked this up yesterday. Can't wait for it to arrive. If it's Richard Sanders, then it's a definite must buy for me.
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    X Finger?

    we've been told not once, not twice, not 10 times, nor hundreds of times... but we've been told as many times as we visit the page for X Finger (screw you if u visited the page once, twice, 10 times or hundreds of times) that it requires NO GIMMICK. The price is pretty cheap too, lets just pick...
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    How safe is Thread?

    We haven't heard anyone saying it didn't hurt at all. your eye will get used to it eventually, just take it slow, practice more. If it still hurts like hell, then i suggest you drop this effect for your own safety.
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