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  1. heatedjeans

    Saturday Night Contest - Dimitri Arleri Roundtable

    1) how do you know whether you've mastered a move or not ? 2) how do you know whether your move is 'completed' (ready for release etc) 3) when you create a flourish , do you look into a mirror while creating (to see if the move looks nice when people see it and see from which angles it will...
  2. heatedjeans

    Saturday Night Contest: Animal Kingdom Predict

    owl , hamster , dolphin
  3. heatedjeans

    Saturday Night Contest - Red, White, and Blue!

    Red : 6 of clubs White : 7 of diamonds Blue : 7 of clubs Red : 4 of spades White : 3 of clubs Blue : 7 of clubs
  4. heatedjeans

    Clink - New effect

    i agree with Pav . i know you did not just insert the band through the opening of the paperclip but , this is one of those effects that even when you tell the spectator you DID NOT physically insert the band through the opening of the paper clip , they will STILL think you actually did . unless...
  5. heatedjeans


    people probably dislike your video because they think it's a camera trick (edited) , well is it ? hahaha
  6. heatedjeans

    Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable: Zach Heath

    Hello ! 1) how do you know when the effect you created is 'complete' (as in ready for release etc ...) ? 2) you create effects , do you find the ideas or does the ideas find you ? 3) how do you deal with hecklers ?
  7. heatedjeans

    Is this new?

    looks like a variation of Patrick Kun's Mirror Force :D
  8. heatedjeans

    Saturday Night Contest - The Impossible Location

    usually you can't . but im not sure about this week's contest though !
  9. heatedjeans

    Saturday Night Contest - The Impossible Location

    new upload and original .
  10. heatedjeans

    Saturday Night Contest - The Impossible Location

    Yeap . it has to be a new upload
  11. heatedjeans

    Slippery Cards, How to get more grip?

    well, you can use normal lotions. or you could use Dan and Dave's lotion !
  12. heatedjeans

    Ace Production in this video

    It's a production used in the trick The Queens by Dan and Dave which can be found in volume 1 of their TRILOGY .
  13. heatedjeans

    Card tricks that don't involve picking a card

    Out of my mind by Spidey
  14. heatedjeans

    A Couple Tutorials

    awesome flourish and tutorial :D
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