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    Classic Palm

    i play my bass guitar with a coin palmed, greatest thing that ever happened to me
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    He is inquiring about the 1 on 1 by Chris Kenner entitled ThreeFry, a completely different effect from Three Flies
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    What subtleties are there?

    He holds the coins lightly, does the moves quickly and smoothly and with great naturally body motions to accompany them. It just seems like he practiced his ass off, which everyone should do.
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    (David Stone) Hand Dominance. Wow.

    Yeah he's sorta crazy and does a bunch of things different ways. Im not sure if its because he's a lefty but has mastered coin magic in both hands or if he simply does things the way he wants to or whatever else!
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    Turnover pass?

    I love the way that the hermann pass is described by aaron fisher in the paper engine, but it isn't a turnover version. I like to apply the principles he teaches with his version to the standard turnover pass. So if you're interested, maybe check out his 1 on 1 as well as a source for learning...
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    In my many years of magic (6) haha

    what was the point of making this thread if you weren't gonna post it? I'd like to see it, would you post it here please?
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    I am in a bit of trouble here

    Maybe you could try some in the hand transpositions of signed selections, ambitious card routines, maybe a three fly if ur willing to learn the numbers 1,2, and 3 and japanese
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    Free Downloads

    Thats called piracy and its illegal. Welcome to the internet buddy.
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    Coin one

    Because it wasn't produced by theory11. It is Homer's independent product, and it was nice enough of him to allow theory11 to sell it on their site.
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    Good size coin?

    I have the firm belief that you should simply use the largest coin that you are comfortable using. However, don't push yourself to use larger coins, it doesn't really matter.
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    Should I get Bobo's Coin Magic Book?

    ummm, yes yes and yes
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    When you're not doing magic...

    ummm, whatever everyone else does??
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    On The Spot - Question?

    I agree with supernaturalone. Being able to do these effects well will allow your magic in general to step up to the next level. It quite literally, will allow you to do magic on the spot.
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    Getting into pass

    Two Handed Shift in Expert at the Card Table Best description you will ever find.
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    A Few Questions:

    I really dont understand why people couldn't just answer the poor guys questions.... Magu Manu- check out invisible reverse by Chris Kenner, its an excellent trick in my opinion and uses no sleights, just a slight set up. Also any slop shuffle triumphs are incredibly light on any trickery.
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