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    theory11 - Saturday Night Contest : Cards As Weapons

    Trickoholic Just in time. lol
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    theory11 - Saturday Night Contest : Cards As Weapons

    I made mine bounce of a wall and into a lunch box. Sorry for the bad quality. Try HD. And you can't see it too clearly but it also bounces off the window, too.
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    Bee Stingers Playing Cards :: SOLD OUT

    Hey Are the Smoke and Mirrors coming soon too? I'm would be nice if the bee's were released at the same time. I like the normal bees too. But the border makes the stingers look amazing.
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    Bee Stingers Playing Cards :: SOLD OUT

    Its been 4 week now. Any updates?
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    The Royal Road to Card Magic - THE Review

    Wow. Great review. I read the first few post and then scrolled down to the bottom. How long did it take to write it? Funny thing is I ordered the book a few days ago.
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    Credit Card Safety

    I haven't had any problems.
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    Magic Geek. Good Place to shop?

    Hello. I was wondering if Magic Geek ( ) is a good place to shop. I am think of getting True Astonishment because Ellusionist is sold out. Thanks for your help.
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    (db).bulletin : Split Spade : 2008 Image Awards - WINNERS POSTED

    Wow, That is amazing! What did you use?
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    Can theory11 make a Revolution Cut 1-on-1?

    I have been trying to get the revolution cut down for the past months and i can't get it. Can there be a one on one. or can you post link. I just want the cut. On the trilogy, its not the best explanation. Thanks for reading.
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    One Magic Trick

    I am new to the battles so...well i am looking for someone that will show a magic trick of their choice to a live audience. No cuts, edits of the trick, no stooges and you have a week to get it done. anyone? send me a battle thingy. thanks
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    White Centurion Release Window - 30 Minutes

    i am confused. Are another 100 going to be released next Friday?
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    Clean-up for 5 Speed

    give them their card and throw/spin the others. Its all good.:)
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    Does d+M use Snap.d to shoot a card over his shoulder?

    Couldn't you make the girl(s) appear out of thin air? lol
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    [Tutorial] Theory11 Easter Eggs

    you could look under each title.
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    Unfair Advantage?

    I like free things.
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