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    My Experience at The Session Convention

    Having missed Blackpool and the Session two years running due to exams, this was actually my first ever convention. I was very excited about the line-up, but overall the talks, lectures and events still somehow greatly surpassed my expectations. I keep recalling things and noting them as...
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    The Session Convention

    Just wondering, is anyone else here going to the session convention in Gloucester, England this weekend? The line-up is pretty epic. Darwin Ortiz, Pit Hartling, Ben Earl, Luke Jermay, just to name a few. Not to mention the surprise guest DAVID BERGLAS! Joe
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    theory11 Logo biter

    Hehe. A small coincidence. However, have you seen how many companies use this or a derivative as their logo?... Joe
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    Through a layman's eyes, which looks fairer?

    Have you mainly recieved such comments during an ACR, for example, where the card is supposed to be somehwere in the middle, rather than "lost"? Also, logically speaking if a card could be deemed lost simply by having it returned to the center, then adding a shuffle should not make it possible...
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    Through a layman's eyes, which looks fairer?

    Hi Mark. Out of interest, why do you feel it is fairer to not shuffle or cut the cards when trying to give the impression that you cannot know where the card is in the deck? Cheers, Joe
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    Through a layman's eyes, which looks fairer?

    By this logic, it would be just as fair to an audience were the magician to hand them a card rather than letting them choose one themselves. After all, if it's magic, it's magic, right? An audience never assumes you are doing magic. In order for them to experience magic, you must ensure that...
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    Through a layman's eyes, which looks fairer?

    This is a follow-up to my previous poll regarding what people consider their "go-to control" for situations when a card should appear lost but is actually needed at the top. My question now requires that you try to think, for a moment, from the perspective of a layman. Really think about...
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    I WON! Magician of the Year

    Congrats! Joe
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    Your go-to control?

    Hey guys. I'm interested to see what people might consider their "go-to control". Assuming a card is meant to be lost in the deck, but you actually need it on top, how would you normally do this? Cheers, Joe
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    Most used T11 effect

    I don't currently use anything specifically from T11, although one of the sources I used to lean to pinky count was Jason England's 1-on-1, if that counts. :P Joe
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    The Secret To Success as a Magician

    Who is Dai Vernon?
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    The Secret To Success as a Magician

    There's also David Berglas, Darwin Ortiz, Dean Dill and Rune Klan. Joe
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    Go to effect?

    I vary between an ACR, a 4-phase one coin routine, my own version of ACAAN, and a 3-phase rubber band routine. Occasionally I may also do a simple force then mindread with a top-change finish or an inversion routine finishing with triumph. If I am completely stuck for props and there aren't even...
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    What's The Best Rising Card?

    I don't know about "best", but I tend to like the look of the various different thread methods. However, for my purposes I prefer to use my own impromptu in-the-hands handling in which a card slowly rises about half its length and with all your fingers in view. It was recently published in Magic...
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    Bad Performance But Nice Effect

    Hi there. Well done for playing around and coming up with this for yourself. However, I'm afraid this does not strike me as strong magic and given the multitude of very simple methods that could be used to achieve this effect, there is clearly a reason for this not being commonly used. When...
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