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    Saturday Night Contest - The Year Ahead

    In 2015, I worked out at home (because I cannot go to the gym thanks to my slipped disk) and got a six pack after dropping 10 kgs. I'm still working on my body and I always will be. Now it's a part of my lifestyle. Hope all you magicians out there keep working on what works best for you! Also...
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    Which effects from T11/The Wire translate to the stage.

    On a stage set for 100 to 200 people, what effects from T11 or the wire would translate to the stage. An example I would give would be The classic book test (And Spidey's take on book test is available here) So if you guys have come across an effect that translates to stage, please be kind...
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    Online Magic Act Generator

    I believe that creative freedom in designing a set lets the magicians' self translate into their act. With patters being sold already, I believe - and I hope I don't offend anyone - any formulaic structure builder would only take magic away from art.
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    A little advice from everyone.

    Thanks a lot :)
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    A little advice from everyone.

    I am three shows short of a century after which I will officially step into full time professional arena. Market here in UAE is not as crowded but on the downside demand is not really that high either. As a PR student, one of my strategies for a larger reach would be doing a magic web series...
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    Shipping time estimate?

    I ordered theory 11 band with my elite points, It started shipping at 9th Jan and has not reached UAE yet. is this routine?
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    Need To Drop Hints!

    What you are pointing out is professional flirting as a magician. Just look at certain performers with that persona. Do not copy them, just get an idea. You already have nice ideas but you do not seem super confident in them. Don't worry if it comes off as creepy, pretend like it's your magic...
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    Elite member

    Dominik, you currently are an elite member as you said. You have a certain amount of elite points. You can see your elite points on elite page. You can use these points to buy stuff as 100 points = 0.50 $ I remember. (If I am wrong, can Lyle or someone correct me here?). The procedure to convert...
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    Can't redeem elite points.

    Still not working for me. The elite point conversion option simply does not show up anymore. EDIT: This is working: generate coupon with empty cart. then add stuff you want to buy to cart.
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    Can't redeem elite points.

    When I click on coupon generation button, it does not generate a coupon. instead it reloads the cart page. Please help.
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    Mentalist Stage Show

    Practice storytelling. Your story has to be convincing and intriguing because if you strip magic and mentalism off the premise/presentation, mentalism is a lot lamer (And i am a pure mentalist saying this). Your power as a mentalist lies in telling newer stories with twists on classic mentalism...
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    Uncut sheets. What are they used for?

    They are art. Like any painting or a photograph, you are not supposed to pay for the money but for the value of the art. What went into designing it and printing it. They look grand give you bragging rights because they are usually rare (hence expensive). Do you know diamonds are not scarce...
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    Am I allowed to release this?

    If its an easier method to achieve same effect, it will be up. If it is harder method to achieve same effect, then T11 will decide.
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    Still Life Magic

    Thanks for naming it. That is the one I was talking about
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    Loosely scripting and 50 takes due to messing up XD.
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