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    Saturday Night Contest - What's Inside the Box?

    10! No one has guessed 10!
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    Saturday Night Contest - Patrick's Pushup Battle

    Andrei with 30 push ups // Patrick Kun with 32 push ups
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    Saturday Night Contest: Duel in the Alley!

    Winner: Michael with 94 Winner: Michael with 96 Winner: Michael with 99
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    Saturday Night Contest - 52 Against One

    1. Jack of Hearts, 8 of Diamonds, Queen of Hearts 2. 3 of Diamonds, 10 of Spades, 2 of Diamonds 3. Jack of Spades, 4 of Hearts, 10 of Spades
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    Saturday Night Contest - 52 Against One

    Jack of Hearts, Eights of Diamonds, Queen of Hearts Three of Diamonds, Ten of Spades, Two of Diamonds Jack of Spades, Four of Hearts, Ten of Spades
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    Saturday Night Contest - You Don't Know JAQK!

    Guesses #1 Steve Cohen-3 Patrick Kun-13 Blake Vogt-8 Jason England-12 Michael James-14 Calen Morelli-11 Andrei Jikh-10 Jonathan Bayme-7 Christen Gerhart-15 Rick Lax-1 Dan Sperry-2 Dan White-5 Justin “Kredible” Willman-9 Larry Fong-6 Robert Smith-4 #2 Steve Cohen-14 Patrick Kun-10 Blake Vogt-8...
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    Saturday Night Contest - The Power of Probability

    1. heads 2. Tails 3. Heads 4. Heads 5. Tails 6. Tails
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