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    skater cut

    Proper Tutorial... ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE.. Just hit the packet with your ring finger. You won't get it for at least a month, but you have to persevere, and try out different pressures holding the packet etc. Just practice...
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    Classic Pass:Tips Please?

    If you are already familiar with the basics, buy the Brick Pass from and just do that. Alex Pandrea has the best Classic Pass in the world, as far as I'm concerned. Also:- The right hand should hold the bottom packet with all four fingers. The pinky should go in about the...
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    If An Octopus Could Palm..

    Nice Review, Thanks! What do you think about the commemorative deck that came with it? -M
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    What is your favorite sandwich effect?

    1. Sandwiches for mere mortals by Tony Chang 2. Center Point by Patrick Kun 3. Sandwiches for your mom by Tony Chang
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    Ambitious Card, OUTDONE

    No tutorials are allowed on this forum.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Truly Organic

    ..I don't understand, If you released 3 decks last night, and the winner will receive one each.. why does it total six? :P Shouldn't it total 3?
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    best opener effects to do ?

    Hand to mouth, In the hands transpo, or 2 Card Monte.
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    What are your other hobbies?

    I like to: Beatbox, Photography, Watch films, Read Graphic Novels, Listen to Music, Study for school, Think, youtube, computer, And sleep. Hopefully I can get a HD video camera for my birthday or something, and I will get into a lot of Filming (cards and other things) and Video editing...
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    What Is Useful card magic?

    I think flourishes in magic are fine, and can enhance the magic... The majority of your spectators probably know there is no such thing as 'real magic', so for me there's really no problem to just show my dexterity with a deck of cards. I'm a lot happier with the spectators knowing I'm just...
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    Forcing a Card

    The best way to force a card (IMO) is the 'Riffle Force'. You can learn that in the book 'Royal Road to Card Magic' by Jean Hugard and Fredrick Braue. Another good way is the 'Classic Force' which is best explained in 'Card College Vol. 1' by Roberto Giobbi. Hope this helps. -M
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    Saturday Night Contest - Red White and Blue

    Guess 1:: Red:: Jack of Clubs White:: 7 of Spades Blue:: 3 of Diamonds Guess 2:: Red:: 9 of Hearts White:: 3 of Spades Blue: Queen of Clubs Guess 3:: Red:: 9 of Diamonds White:: King of Hearts Blue::Jack of Spades
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    Which cards are worth buying now?

    You haven't told us what you need the cards for.. Cardistry or Magic. If both, I would say Aladdin's (printed in Ohio) are the best, due to the smooth finish, Amazing stock, long lasting-ness, and the fact that they're not overpriced. You can get a brick of them here...
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    Homemade Close-Up Mat..

    Has anyone made one before.. Or know how to? It would really help a lot. Thanks, M
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    Which cards do you use?

    Aladdin's because the Smooth Finish is amazing.
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