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    bSmith vs. Justin Miller controversial lecture tour

    Do you really want these guys coming to your local ring or magic shop?
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    ChatRoulette Magic Tricks 2

    That was actually really cool Rahat! Great job!
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    Theory11: Are You the White Rabbit?

    I got a call from him regarding this matter today. He read me the PM that Mr. Bayme sent him. RMMB responded to him basically telling him the feeling is mutual regarding the posts that are not conducive to magic. He basically told Mr. Bayme, very professionally I might add, that it's funny...
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    Theory11: Are You the White Rabbit?

    Guys, I have been a member of this forum for quite awhile. I'm definitely not a new name around these parts of the web. It came to my attention recently that a good friend of mine Readmoremagicbooks, was banned from this site because according to a private message from Johnathan Bayme his...
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    New Release: TRANSIT by Calen Morelli

    Very interesting.
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    I don't know a proper thread title for this issue.

    J. Slade, I can tell you from experience that you don't have to choose between the two. Think about it this way: Mentalism IS Magic. Mentalism is a branch of magic that exploits the belief human beings have in the possibility of 'mental power'. It still is magic and I feel what you are...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Control The Aces

    Congrats Worldwideme!
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    Saturday Night Contest - Control The Aces

    Sweet! I made it! Here is my submission, just threw this together. ;)
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    Annemann's Card Magic

    Nino, I am absolutely a fan of Annemann's work! I used his trick Magic vs. Mindreading as an opening or closing trick depending on the structure of the routine. Lot's of diabolical thinking in his work. The only works I have of his is Shh...It's a Secret and Practical Mental Effects. Not...
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    What is card magic?

    I'll put in my two cents on this. My opinion you will be tempted to write of as biased, simply because my forte is cards. However, I am very well rounded in my study of all magic and have been a serious student for what is going on 9 years now. My philosophy is simple. ALL MAGIC IS DEAD...
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    mnemonica juan tamariz

    I'm sorry, but I fail to see how this could be taken as ReadMoreMagicBooks being a smart ass or anything. I'm not usually one to get in the middle of disputes or anything on here, but I thought this question was a fair one. Quite frankly, I would have responded the same. No insult or...
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    Mentalism. Which book to get?

    Welcome to the dark side Nino! J/K. Yes, absolutely three books you need to own if you want to experiment with Mentalism. 13 Steps to Mentalism by Tony Corinda: A must for anyone interested in mentalism. More than enough to keep you busy in here. I got shows via performance of the first...
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    Lee Asher Six for $50.00 Booklet Deal

    WOW!!!!!!! *Standing ovation* That was a fantastic review! I've owned these for around three years myself, and it is one of the best deals out there! I'm glad that you took the time to work your way through these fantastic manuscripts. There is some real gold in those pages! I love Stand...
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    Biddle Trick

    The Biddle Trick has been a go to trick for me for years. The justification for splitting the cards is because you're trying to cut to their card, but I see the subtle point your trying to make. Why actually cut the top half to the table or into their hands? Why not a simple in the hands cut...
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    LOL!!! That's funny as hell man. "I wanna get fat..." :( Good Stuff man. Yeah, same story for me actually, it looks ok...but the neck is ideal. I'm curious, what story are you putting together for platform work, they ties in with cutting through your neck/wrist? I think it's great though...
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