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    Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable : Blake Vogt!

    1. who gave you the biggest influence in magic? and how you respond to it and make it suit to your personality of your magic? 2. what is the best opportunities you got in your life? especially magic opportunities. (such as you have opportunities to perform magic with someone you admire or you...
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    What's in your wallet?

    inside my infinity walletonly one trick, 37 by marc oberon..other just when people ask me to do tricks.. such as peek, prediction, and soo on...:)
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    Saturday Night Contest - The Art of Design

    i took piece of paper and scissor and i made this... enjoy.. ps:if you cant see this pic tell me
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    Saturday Night Contest - The Art of Design

    can i draw in IPAD?or can be PHOTOGRAPHY?
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    Saturday Night Contest - The Art of Design

    it should be in paper or i can do it in photoshop??
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    Magic Posters

    i got jerry's nugget uncut sheets...:D quite nice to hang on the wall... maybe the new t11 sentinels canvas..??
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    Brad Christian

    for me brad gave more advices for your showmanship.. he's the one who gave me power to start performing in front many peoples i have some brad vids and he good enough with advices.. maybe just about the package of the performance and the sets thats makes people thinks is boring..
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    J&J King Shirt Size Questions

    im personally purchased M.. and of coz its a bit bigger than my body.. but i will bring it to tailor to make it fit to my body..something like customize now.. how tall are you? im 170 and when im order M the shirt end up near my pants pocket. when im order L its more less 15 cm longer than M...
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    Smoke and Mirrors V6

    they just simply changes color and sell it... so the v6 is red, later v7 are black and soo onn....:p
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    people said "show me tricks now??"
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    what do you think about "fake" jerry's nugget?

    nothin' wrong right..? still good overall:D
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    what do you think about "fake" jerry's nugget?

    i bought fake JN couple weeks ago.. and well..the box are so thick as card board... but the card not as bad as people said.. they good as flourish but don't do tricks with sleight of hand with this card.. i have playing around, testing how this cards, drop it to floor and other.. the...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable :: Andrei Jikh

    hi curious about how fast you handle the card when do flourishing... 1. how long you practice your flourish in a day? 2. when you do flourishes with cards how long the card will last?(start from brand new open until its really broke..)
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