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  1. inflames33

    Saturday Night Contest - Cards in Hands

    done !!! cwsmichaelanspach on instagram still have a deck of sealed white monarchs!! want the rarebits to go with them !!
  2. inflames33

    Saturday Night Contest - Race to the Finish

    winner JB 24.48 or Andrei Jikh: 24.52
  3. inflames33

    Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable: Zach Heath

    Hello Zach 1. how many different sizes of rings did u use before you found the right size ring? 2. using your product should u get the size of your ring finger or index finger when ordering ring size ? 3. does the ring have to be a heavier ring?
  4. inflames33

    Saturday Night Contest - Guess The Artisans!

    black : jack of spades white : nine of diamonds black : four of clubs white : queen of hearts
  5. inflames33

    Saturday Night Contest - Out of Your Mind

    1. red 2. black 3. red 4. black 5. red 6. red good luck everyone :) michael anspach
  6. inflames33

    Saturday Night Contest - See The Unseen

    1. 247 2. 162 3. 138
  7. inflames33

    Saturday Night Contest - Name This Flourish!

    "ClockWork SlipShift" by Andrei Jikh good luck everyone cant think of anything else :( michael anspach
  8. inflames33

    Saturday Night Contest - Are You Psycho?

    1 frog 2 alligator 3 racoon
  9. inflames33

    Saturday Night Contest - Animal Kingdom Lotto

    Saturday Night Contest - Animal Kingdom Card Lotto 1. jack of spades, 2 of hearts, jack of clubs. 2. 6 of diamonds, 8 of clubs, jack of hearts. 3. queen of spades, 4 of diamonds, 7 of hearts. hope everyone has a happy new year !!! michael anspach
  10. inflames33

    Saturday Night Roundtable - Ask Andrei Anything

    whats up andrei? 1. when did you first start doing cardistry? 2. Any tips for us that are interested into cardistry that have smaller hands? sometimes i have problems learning moves due to the grips being different. 3. what was it like packing all those decks of Artisans so the release...
  11. inflames33

    Saturday Night Roundtable - Daniel Madison

    hi Daniel, Question 1. How long did it take for you in creating your first released trick? Question 2. At what age were you first interested in performing magic? Question 3. Your Tattoos Are they all relevant to your experiences in magic or mostly about your life and family? your...
  12. inflames33

    Saturday Night Contest - Twist of Fate

    1. king of hearts 2. king of clubs 3. king of diamonds 4 king of spades good luck to everyone michael anspach
  13. inflames33

    Saturday Night Contest - Lucky Guess

    3 of clubs 6 of diamonds 10 of hearts good luck to everyone !!!! michael anspach
  14. inflames33

    Saturday Night Contest - Not Magic, But Magical

    hello my name is Michael and besides loving to perform magic. i play lead guitar in a band called ClockWork Soul. i am the guy in the white shirt sorry for the audio quality the volume is a bit low so pop your headphones in and enjoy an original piece called "Carnival Ride"...
  15. inflames33

    Saturday Night Contest - Read My Mind

    1. Seize - page 33 2. Artistic - page 65 3. Conjuror - page 98 Good luck to Everyone !!! Michael Anspach
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