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    Daniel Madison Effects

    Get Dangerous and Burn
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    The Devils Pirouette Tutorial

    eh i don't really like it, its not that good, at least they gave it away for free.
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    Dan and Dave - On Time Warp TONIGHT at 8:00pm EST

    is there a video of this anywhere so i can watch it?
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    Art of Magic - Wayne Houchin - First thoughts

    All the effects on this dvd seemed amazed and are very simple. Go out and buy it! and i wish candy scam was on this dvd though :[ does anyone know the name of the luke dancy trick?
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    Rêve Noir Playing Cards.

    you must have a lot of money to create your own deck, especially if you say your not that good.
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    Triple Thought Revelation

    How bout you have all three of them name there card at the same time?
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    Live Evil Wallpaper

    Thats was one of the coolest pictures I have ever seen in my life!!!!! And here's a nice family friendly song to go with your picture title :)
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    The Advocate

    Or you just emailed him like me :p
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    Snap'D :: How Long?

    ive been doing it for over a year now. it took me like a month of practicing to get it perfect. But i need to get it into position to do it im trying to learn how to get into position with one hand
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    Tally Hos, Arrco or Aladdins?

    yea i don't know i just got a biased feeling going on.... coughscreennamecough... ugh my cold is coming back im sorry.
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    Tally Hos, Arrco or Aladdins?

    haha. ive only played with one deck in my whole magic life. im gonna get the fan backs because they look cooler. thanx
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    Tally Hos, Arrco or Aladdins?

    i wanna believe you but for you odd reason you seem kinda biased..... hmmm:confused:
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    Tally Hos, Arrco or Aladdins?

    which ones would be better for magic and flourishing. Ive started to hate bikes so i wanted to start buying different decks and wanted everyone opinion
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    Reputation Makers: What's Yours?

    Stigmata - Its been a year since Ive preformed it and people still ask me to do it Out Of This World - Perhaps the best card trick in the world Outlaw - Daniel Madison Fine Scripture - Daniel Madison
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    Palming, to what extent?

    The only one ill ever use is the gamblers cop <3
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