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    Saturday Night Contest - Out of Your Mind

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    Saturday Night Contest - Backstage Pass
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    My Custom Deck, How does it look?

    Honestly? it looks like you made it in 2 minutes. I think its ugly. that said, I think that if you want to make it happen, you can, and i think that you need to put some time into it. Yep.
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    Idea for a magic Series?

    Thanks! Yeah, for one, its not a school bus, but, all of your other points make sense. I cant see anyone being a heckler to me on there, I have done a small amount of magic on there already, and it went well. Thanks!
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    Idea for a magic Series?

    Hey guys! So, every morning, I ride the public transit bus to school, and I had the idea of starting a weekly magic youtube show, where i do magic to commuters on the bus, and film it. I would call it The magic of 76(76 is the route number) Just try to brighten peoples days a bit. :) What do...
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    Saturday Night Contest - The World of Wonderstone

    Andrei, Thanks so much for this! I was getting pretty bummed out from a lack of good equipment, and this really helped. Thank you! Any advice for backgrounds?
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    Saturday Night Contest - The World of Wonderstone

    Hey JB! So i am 14, And i saw that you need to be 18, except with parental permission, how do i give you guys that? or is it only necessary if i win? Thanks! Joshua
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    Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable with Spidey

    1. I am assuming that you prefer mentalism over other types of magic(I.E Card magic, Coin magic). Would you say this is true? 2. If the above question is true, then how come? Why do you prefer mentalism? Thanks! Joshua
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    Saturday Night Contest - 6 Seconds Or Less

    Entry 1 Entry 2
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    Thrift stores

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to alert you all to something awesome. So basically, today i went to my local Goodwill, And picked up 3 dozen brand new Gemaco decks, For...(drumroll) $3.20! I also found a multitude of other great decks, Lots of bikes from the old location, all of that good stuff...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Are You Psycho?

    Polar bear Walrus Zebra
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