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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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    Pie. That is all.

    Life isnt too terrible at the moment.
    Just Working alot, Perfoming a little bit. Juggling best friends+work+Girlfriend+magic Is extremely time consuming.
    Hey, um... we are going to have two videos on the artist diary from different perspectives and views. One is Jake's view. One is mine. Also, there is different clips in both diarys. Is that Ok?
    -What's up?
    -Just thought I drop by and say how are things going and working on anything new?
    -Also, what type of magic do you perform?
    Hello Jack, quite clearly I'm new to the forums and I just have one question as to whether or not there is another way (besides battling) to find out the skill level for the arena. I only ask this because I don't wish to end up going against one of the top ten on accident but then again I don't want to go up against a pure amateur and then be claimed for being unfair. I would say watch the other videos but then it's easy to say, "Well pffft mine looks better than that." But personally, I think it should be determined by someone else as to where I stand. So yeah that's my question. As to the Pats/Giants debate below I would say that the franchise tag was to deter any offers coming from any other teams so they could pitch him off at a better deal, on THEIR terms vs. having a QB just all of a sudden up and leave. As to Brady, he's one of the most dedicated (short only to Peyton) and will be up and running at 100% well before preseason is in.
    It's whatever...I'm sure they have a game plan. And I'm also sure that includes beatin' the Giants like they stole something...or just shoot each player in the leg. ;)
    I don't have to love ****, I can't believe they just put the franchise tag on him and then trade him....bummer. Hopefully Brady comes back stronger then ever and we redeem ourselves with a championship.

    How have you been tho?
    Yeah it is :p the pound is WEAK at the moment as well... which makes it even better. Ah well... I'm still not paying you! Muahahahah...

    - Sean
    o_O You're English? :eek:

    Or you just want our english currency for some sick sadistic purposes? :p

    - Sean
    H3ll0 J@ck Teh_M@gici@n. How ar y0u????????? D0 you do any of D@ni3l G@rci@'s magicz?


    Hi, could you please remove my post "Veneficus Manuscript" in the Reviews forum, please. Thanks in advance.


    Bonjour Jack, je suis Française, j'adore Las Vegas pour y etre allé 4 fois.
    Mon fils est Magicien en France et il tient un magasin , école de magie, j'aimerai lui offrir des Des Bicycle Centurions White, comment puis je faire.
    Je vous remercie tous .
    Cordialement Sicard
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