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    Saturday Night Contest - Breaking a Record

    Dont worry guys I cant do any Werms on a treadmill this time, im injured lol
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    t11.bulletin - theory11 has a MASSIVE secret

    Theory11 reminds me of a 12 year old girl at times. they are all like "OMG I HAZ A SECRET BUT IM NOT GOING TO TELL YOU IT TEHE!"
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    New York Meet Up?

    Ok, let's try to get more people and even if anyone who cant come, if you have a magician friend in NYC just tell them about this please
  4. Jack Webster

    New York Meet Up?

    Ok so what is the deal guys? I need to know asap!
  5. Jack Webster

    New York Meet Up?

    I got the date wrong. It is on the 7th
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    Cool Finds on eBay

    forget about the black ghost. $1000 BUCKS FOR A WOODEN BOX!
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    Do You Take Care Of Your Image?

    Well I run almost every day, and just think about what you wear. I dont know, it is kind of simple to me.
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    New York Meet Up?

    sounds good, now we need more people then just us two.
  9. Jack Webster

    New York Meet Up?

    oh, well I think the concert starts later then that. Like 8 probably, Do you know any where else?
  10. Jack Webster

    New York Meet Up?

    Btw do you kniw if the shop will be open at night? And also if you know magicians in NY that don't post here can you tell them about it
  11. Jack Webster

    Does anyone ever feel they spend too much $ on magic?

    Wasn't there some huge thread on how to spend less on magic a couple months back?
  12. Jack Webster

    New York Meet Up?

    Cool beans, do you know any places?
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    New York Meet Up?

    Hey guys long time no see! Well any ways. I am going to be up in New York City for a couple of day early next month and I was wondering if any one wanted to get a meet up together. I can only meet on Wednesday July 6th at night. Why only that night you may ask? Well my sister and some other...
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    Sorcerers Safari

    I will most likely be there also this year.
  15. Jack Webster

    Seriously - CHANGE

    LMFAO! but lets not bring politics into T11
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