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  • Hope you don't mind the friend request I am just trying to get to know the people on the forums better, It's not like I have been visiting them for years or anything ha!
    I wasn't able to perform a vid on Saturday, but I can definitely get one up by tomorrow. I proposed a new deadline. Sorry. :D
    I probably am (missing out that is). BTW, how did you come across that meeting of thespians? Is it something that they do regularly and you just came across it, or did you go for the opportunity of performing?
    Haha, I would love to, but I don't have Facebook;) (never really wanted to either because I know I would go on like once every month lol) I'd rather be practicing magic, being with friends, or on the forums.:)
    Not bad, not bad at all. It was a bit (and I mean just a tiny bit) too long. Maybe you could take out one or two phases. (No more than that.)

    It was hard to see what was going on a few times, but that's know fault of yours.

    You obviously took a long time to come up with the patter for your effect which is not easy. I've never been fan of patter where inanimate objects have thoughts and feelings though. I just find it a bit cheesy. Each to his own I suppose. If spectators enjoy it, that's all that really matters.

    Overall, good video, keep going!

    My friend would really appreciate it if you could give him some criticism on his routine:


    There was another phase, but the camera battery died.
    Hey, I purchased them from a dollar store. Larger cards are available, but that smaller size was a bit easier for me to handle for the show I needed them for.
    My camera, I got at Best Buy. It's called A Sony Handycam to be specific. When you have the files in your computer the quality is so good. The down fall is that it takes disks which cost a lot after a couple of months (But you have better quality with disks). And it takes a long time to upload into the computer. But I love the camera!
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