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  • Hey, sorry for taking so long to reply. I haven't checked T11 in an age.
    yes, in the UK cds are wrapped in cellophane, similar to cards only a bit more cd box shaped. I'm not entirely sure if it's exactly the same stuff they wrap cards with, but if not, it's very similar. Hope that helped.
    Hey, it's all cool man. I love switchfoot. I've seen 'em in concert and met them personally. They're great. :)

    Eddie Vedder is one lucky son of a *****. He played with The Ramones on their last concert on the "We're Outta Here!" Tour, and when they finished, Johnny Ramone just gave him his guitar that he used his entire Ramones career.
    Haha, Im not familiar with that genre of music, so I think the most appropiate thing is that you give it a theme song man :p.
    Haha, maybe they do play. I don't know, I've just never seen them with instruments...but I really try my best to avoid seeing them at all.
    Haha, The Jonas Brothers aren't even a band. Let's be real, if no instruments are played-there is no band. (goes for boy bands, and 'rap' bands as well)

    None of them have any music on my MP3 Player so I can't be offended by you not liking them. I'm into music most people ignore, as well as music everyone knows about. Ska would probably be my favorite non-mainstream genre of music, bands like Real Big Fish and Less Than Jake.
    Yeah, but I'm sure the money was the least of his concern at that point. It is showbiz though, and he really doesn't have control over anything. I'm sure Conan will do fine in the future.

    3rd Least favorite huh? So many bands to be angry at I can't even begin to guess who it might be...
    Thanks man, Beatles music is something that never gets old to me.

    Yours is pretty funny too, horrible what happened to Conan though, I never did like Leno personally.
    It is mainly influenced by funk, however, the singer, anthony keidis, did not know how to sing when they first started out so instead he rapped.

    Sadly John Frusciante, the guitarist, has quit the band in the middle of recording their new album, but they have a new guitarist and are going to keep making it.
    Welp punch your drummer in the face and say it was from Joey Ramone haha. Yea if System of a Down is more punk than the freaking RAMONES, Then i am black.
    Also, if they thought of their card in the beginning, why does he need to double check the card? It seemed...unneccassary...and honestly confused me a bit.
    I obviously cannot critique the second phase, because there wasnt one available lol.

    Its a good way to start off, I dont know how long he has been doing magic, so I'm not trying to insult him, if its a beginning effect. It can still work for people who have been doing it for a while, because their presentation changes to get the most out of the effect.

    None of this was to bash your friend, just to help him improve. Take it all, take some of it, or completley ignore it, it's all there for him (and you if you want.)

    With each performance we get better, and there is always room for improvement. :D

    Wow that was long lol, but I hope he benefits from it.

    Your boy,
    1.) Presentation: The way it was set up didnt have any tension built up so there was no 'no way!' at the end. Also walking them through reading the barcode (again, not your fault your spectators were "skater gangstas" :p) seemed to weaken it a bit.

    2.) Audience: Each person will react a different way, and you cannot really control how they will. They seemed to enjoy magic, but were "too cool" to get into it. You obviously cannot select how they will react, but manipulating your presentation a bit to get them more into it can help. show them its not "uncool" to be excited and happy about being entertained by magic, its not a dorky thing. Being flexible to different audience members will only make you a better performer.
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