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Recent content by James Smith

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    Help for a beginner

    Placing the deck under heavy books is to straighten out the cards if they are bent. To make the cards less slippery, just keep using them, it will slowly go away.
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    Spectators guessing...

    Great book!
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    Saturday Night Contest : What You Think

    I believe they've actually done this a few times.
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    Being a "Youtube" Magician

    1) Make sure you are in a well-light area. 2) Stand in front of a nice background, avoid messy rooms. Try hanging a clean white sheet behind you. 3) Use an actual presentation. 4) Avoid Linkin Park music.
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    best sandwich effect for strolling or table hopping ?

    I really like "Sandwich Aces" from Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic. I highly recommend that effect and that book.
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    Spectators guessing...

    This guy's got the right idea.
  7. J

    In Need Of Some Durable Cards

    I had good luck with Bee Stingers. They lasted me for quite a while. Tally-Hos are great cards too. I don't know anything about Aladdins, but Studs are wonderful cards, highly recommended.
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    Sentinels One Way Design?

    Everyone says theory11 decks have one-way designs, the only ones I've noticed are the PROPAGANDA decks.
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    Eager to learn

    Improvisational acting books might be of help to you.
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    DUD Decks: Decks that never break-in

    I don't go through man decks, it hasn't happened to me.
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    The Magician Persona

    I truly hate that sort of thing, that's why I pretty much only perform for strangers now.
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    Interests That Coincide With Magic

    I play guitar myself, it definitely helps with magic.
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    Ethics Question

    They're your ethics, not ours. You decide.
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    Late 1-on-1 This Week?

    Cage the Elephant said their second album would be out in January of this year, it is now August, and they're still in the mixing process, yet, life goes on. A band I like has broken a promise, but I just don't care. They'll get it out eventually, and that's all that matters. In your case, you...
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    Tricks for School

    I recommend staying away from magic for the first couple of months. I may seem like a good idea now, but trust me, you don't want to be "the magic kid." I did a lot of magic the first week or so of high school, and after a while, I absolutely hated being known as the magic guy, I wanted people...
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