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  • How can any "magic" be "real"? Isn't it the effect that is important. The feeling that the spectators are left with, whether they watch a video or see it live, is the important thing..... right?

    Lies, tricks, sleight of hand, stooges, camera tricks, editing. Any of these tools, and even more expedients are all just tools a magician can use to make an audience feel wonder... or astonishment... or whatever you are going for.
    Hey dude ive seen ur youtube videos preety good.... I was just on the forums and I saw you had a T11 account I never knew lol. Anyway I see on your street magic video you performed control by wayne Houchin and I have a show coming up and I would love to use this as my closer.... I was woundering if you will trade the pulse stop method for some of these...
    (Basically a list of some ungimmicked tricks...)
    King Rising Levitation
    Invisible Palm
    Simple Triumph

    I got more if you know them but let me know soon...
    Thanks - Alfie
    that's awesome. I just finished a season of Sweeney Todd a few months ago, I was the pianist. That was a stressful show. Good on you man.
    wow lol now i would have to refilm a whole other one! And im tight with school too, but fine what if i made the due date longer than, but could i submit the same vid?
    Already Accepted sciffydof's battle proposal. I owe you one battle. Sciffydofs playing on my terms, now I'd like to play on yours. If you want, throw me a battle and I'll accept if I have enough experience in the terms. I do a lot of card magic, from what I can see much like yourself. Take Care.

    For our invisible palm battle, now that we've both got videos up I've proposed to end the deadline and open voting. Agree at the battle page if you would like to
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