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    Theory11 Hollywood Roosevelt Deck?

    Well based on theory11s recent Instagram post it seems like the Roosevelt playing cards will be available this friday.
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    Magic Review - Mint Box by Daniel Garcia

    Here is my review of Mint Box by Daniel Garcia sold here on theory11. I hope this helps anyone thinking of purchasing this:
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    Edge by Mathieu Bich review video

    Hello, back in 2011 i started a YouTube channel that reviewed magic products. It lasted a good long while but life got in the way and weekly reviews stopped. I am back and slowly but surely working my way to make higher quaity content and bringing yall with reviews, hope you enjoy it.
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    Magic News Sources

    Awesome! Thank you, I'll check those out!
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    Magic News Sources

    That's awesome! I use to spend loads of time on the theory11 forums. Not so much anymore since I'm usually busy with other things. The whole reason I had asked about learning news sources because I was interested in starting my own youtube web series and wanted to learn the best places to find...
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    Magic News Sources

    Back in the day when we still had the theory11 show expose and the eariler show The Insider, they would talk about many different things. Most of all they talked about the news in magic. Possible magic movies in the works, magic tv shows. Magic tours, and cool and awesome performances in...
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    Magic With School Supplies

    Hello theory11 peeps, I'm looking for magic effects that involve school supplies that will work well on a stage for roughly 400 people. Any ideas?
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    Being Creepy?

    Yes that was a typo. My mistake. And thank you for the advice everyone. Like i said, i personally have never experienced this before but hearing their moments of embarrassment i thought i may have to consider changing what i do.
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    Being Creepy?

    Hello theory11. Its been awhile since ive posted in the forums. Ive got a question for everyone. I have a group of local magicians, theyremy friends. Some of them i went to high school with and we meet up and jam. They brought up an interesting point that Id like to ask everyones opinions...
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    Why do people hate Jay Sankey?

    I don't really follow sankey or have much experience with some of his customer service. All I can say is that I'm just not a fan of his style of performance. Most of his jokes aren't funny but kind of awkward, I feel like he's trying too hard to be funny, which makes it that much more cringy...
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    David Blaine Card Trick

    Hey theory11! I'm researching the card effect that David Blaine performed on his Real or Magic special Starting at 31 minutes and 34 seconds he does like a 3 card monte card effect. I'm trying to find what this trick is called and if it's published anywhere. Any help?
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    French Kissing Jessica Nigri

    haha it is awesome and I'm sure you will get a chance to perform for some awesome people too!
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    French Kissing Jessica Nigri

    I'm glad you enjoyed it. And hey I don't disagree. I did rush it. Mostly because it's hard to hold my breath that long. I've noticed I get the best puff of smoke when I empty my lungs and take the drag of smoke. So going slower is harder with no air. But I'm always trying to improve. Thank you...
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    French Kissing Jessica Nigri

    Yesterday I met famous cosplayer and youtube star Jessica Nigri and she was gracious enough to let me film the French Kiss card trick to her! Check it out!
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    Hey guys, hope ya'll are having a good day. Quick question, I've been in magic for 10 years now and I haven't really done anything with loops. I tried some ITRs when I first started magic and had a very difficult time and since then I never touched the stuff. I really want to challenge myself...
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