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  • I don't know of any printed sources for a strike stud bottom deal, but I know that Steve Forte has one that isn't published yet. So, they do exist and perhaps there are printed sources out there, but I'm not aware of any off the top of my head.


    PS: Lots of sources might give instruction for a strike bottom deal done the normal way that then tell you turn the card face-up before you deal it. You might consider that a strike stud deal, but I don't. I think of a stud deal as one that has the card turning over as it's being removed from the deck, not after it's already been removed from the deck.
    Hello Mr. England.
    I was wondering if you knew of any sources for a stike stud bottom deal?
    Well, each move has its own approach (like I wouldn't try a center deal until you've learned a bottom deal), but in theory I say go for it and don't let anything slow you down.

    hi i am a 12 year old card magician and i study erdnase and cheating techniques (for magical purposes) what is your opinion on someone at the this age trying to master a center deal (or any cheating move)
    I just wanted to say I just picked up the Royal Road and it is amazing. The Expert at the Card Table confuses me some with the language barriers but Royal Road is clear as a bell. I got your download for the double lift and within a few hours was able to do a strike double with ease. Getting into card magic is a daunting task for me and those I know getting started but your advice has made things a lot easier.
    Thank you very much! This will be a great help and give me plenty to work on, It will take time to aquire all these books and longer to read and understand them I'm sure. Again thank you for your help.

    I suggest a complete grounding in the classics of magic. Books are your best bet. Look at:
    Expert Card Technique, Stars of Magic, Card Control by Arthur Buckley, The Card Magic of LePaul by Paul LePaul, and The Expert at the Card Table, which you already have.

    Inside these books you'll find dozens of terrific ideas. Not all of them will "speak" to you at the same time. Some of these ideas won't really do anything for you for some months or even years. Just keep coming back to these same books and you'll find things in them that you had overlooked the first few times (or dozen times) you read the books. It happens to me and i know it happens to other magicians as well.

    Hope this helps.

    Mr. England,

    After purchasing and watching your download on the double lift and seeing how well you know your craft I was wondering if you had any advice for a beginner. I have looked at "Expert at the card table' It seems quite intimidating but something that holds great rewards. Where should I start? I have asked others and never could get a clear answer. I ahve been flourishing for a while but just started in card magic and cheating. Any advice you could offer would be great. Thank you
    Hello Mr. England,

    I came to discover your name and what you do because I'm obsessed with card hustling and gambling moves and you're pretty impressive, I really admire you. I've been learning everything I can about card hustling since a cousin showed me his marked deck, ever since I've learned constantly, mainly about history and devices which were used by cheats. But what I really want to learn about are moves, I'll surely get your 1-on1's as soon as I can get a credit card (Half a year 'till my 18th birthday, legal age in my country) but I wanted to know if you could PLEASE direct me to any source or book you know which would help me learn how to properly execute moves such as the second or bottom deal in the meantime. I already got TEATCT by Erdnase but I heard the grip and method for his moves are out-dated, and I'd also like to learn from as many sources as I can.

    Thank you SO much just for taking the time to read this post, hope all the best for you.

    Oh ok great, thanks anyways!
    I don't really need the magnets inside actually, just for it to be attracted to a magnet. Any other ideas? Thanks!

    I have some magnetic dice, but they are antiques and not for sale. Understand, that magnetic dice don't have magnets inside them (at least, not the ones used by casino cheats). They are simple attracted to a magnet. This is usually accomplished by putting cobalt loads inside the dice.

    Dear Mr. England,
    how are you? My name is Alex Amsel and I am a magician in the Houston area. I was told by someone you had magnetic dice? I am thinking/playing around with a routine in which I would need a dice with a magnet inside (pretty strong if possible) that could be handed out and examined by the audience. If you have any of these, what would the price be? Thanks for your time!

    Best regards,

    Alex Amsel
    hello Jason, I asked you this in the roundtable but did not get an answer. I was wondering, how many copies of erdnase do you own?
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