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  • Just wanted to say that your work on the Diagonal Palm Shift is incredible. Watching the 1on1 hugely improved my technique and sparked more applications in my head. Thank you so much. Keep doing what you're doing.

    i currently watch some of gambling work from Steve Forte and i start to get intressed in the world of card shark demostrations; anyway, i liked to watch your videos for the 1-on-1's already published i really enjoy your stile and your way to demostrate some of the moves like the bottom deal.
    I like to watch more of some of work; can you please log-on a video or indicate me a site

    I'm familiar with the push through shuffle already (from Brian Tudor) But i'll be picking this one up as well as the SSD to learn the little 'niches';)

    Finally! Gambling-esque moves at theory11!

    welcome to T11. glad to have you join us. love the 1-on-1. thanks for the insight. hope you enjoy your experience "here" *makes existential gesture*
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