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    1. Icecool
      If you dont mind i pm you again :). Im prety sure i can perform my Eric Jones 3 Fly simplex now, but as i`ve been told and you for sure know the talking is very important aswell. You know the routine?
      Here`s the dialog:
      -this is three Kennedy half dollars coins
      -the consept is that one coin at the time will travel from one hand to the other
      -now thats the first coin
      -Some would think its a 4rth coin, but as you can see i got 3 in one hand and none in my other.
      -now watch this as it will travel
      -ok, now you know what is going to happen follow the last coin as it travels

      Thats my dialog, should a add somthing short it down?

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    your - belongs to you | you're - contraction of 'you are' | to - shows direction | too - additionally, excessively | there - a place | they're - contraction of "they are" | their - belongs to them | sleight - a secret move | perform - to present entertainment | preform - to form beforehand | could've - not could of | loose - opposite of tight | lose - opposite of win, or to misplace | advise - a verb | advice - a noun | than - a point of comparison | then - a point in time
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