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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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  • oh man, sorry about the late reply! have been busy! if you still would like to jam sometime, let me know! I'm pretty close to the block or Irvine
    ahhh, im sorry. i am...i forgot, remind me tomorrow though i cant stay online long tonight
    fav performer(s)- Siegfried & Roy, always. And, as long as you promise to keep the free tutorials away I will, Im not always active in online forums, I come and go every now and then.
    I love Chris Kenner as a creator but I've never really seen him perform. I'm not saying that he doesn't just that I haven't seen it.
    Good! I didn't either untill I started talking to Justin, he tought me a lot about magic part being respect for it when I was very new. And I do magic with different things...I have single effects with other objects but mainly I do specialize in cards.
    Because, your revealing tricks, secrets. Some are so small that everyone knows like salt shaker through table...that's fine. But if you choose something like SMILE by justin miller for example...youd b giving away HIS secret then. And he makes his living partly by selling tricks...youd just be giving it away for free and hed lose money. Also its frowned upon and disrespectful. If you created a trick, how would you feel if someone was just giving away that secret to whoever on a public site? something u make your living off of? things to think about. Heres the man himself talking about it:

    And Im still sorta developing a style, for right now im likin card magic, it'll change though.
    free magic tutorials? be careful...your walking on a very fine line there. and 2 years how about you?
    i've been into magic for about...hmm...about 3 years now. maybe now but I really can't remember when I started. What about you?
    Hey Check out the site that My magic buds and i are working on. We are trying to design it so it will be a social networking site for magicians, and we can all share ideas and build each other up. Let me know what you think! -Thanks!
    Alrighty. What's your number again. I know I have your card so it's probably on there. keep in touch.
    Hey. Yeah thanks, I'm pretty stoked. The effect is a bit like the Invisible deck, it's the Memento deck by Daniel Madison which is awesome. I didn't really show off my skill in sleights, but more skill in my presentation. I made it my own. That's what counts. We should meet up sometime.
    P.S. Did you make it in?
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