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  • lol, it's alright man, hey, are you going to TAOM? The president of my SAM assembly is going to be performing there, so I feel the need to go..(well, the fact that Danny Garcia, Banachek, and Michael Ammar are going as well might have helped a little...)
    haha sorry James, i totally just saw the name steven on you page and just said that
    i was busy workin when i sent you that message real quick (sorry)

    Hope you have fun in dallas, i actually will be out of town when jay sankey comes to houston too :-(

    ill see you in the future i hope, and you have a great summer too!
    Hey man, nice to hear from you, things are going pretty good so far, I joined a SAM Assembly out here, I'm kinda upset though because I found out Jay Sankey is going to be out here lecturing later this month, but I'm going to be up in Dallas visiting some old freinds....hope you have a good summer too!

    P.S. My name is James, ;) lol. I don't really care though, Steven is a cooler name anyway. :)
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