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    Birthday Magic Trick

    Diamond Jim Tyler has a pretty neat variation on Darwin Ortiz's 'Dream Card' mixed together with Card in Envelope called 'Birthday Card'. You can find it as a bonus on his 'Sweet!' DVD which can be seen here: If you're not performing on someone's birthday...
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    Ring On String At Weddings(?)

    Hey guys, Soon I'm performing at a wedding (my first) where I plan to do all of my a-list material as per usual. The thing is, I perform Ring on String an awful lot and I was wondering if it's appropriate to borrow a ring off of the newly wedded couple. Since they just received their rings a...
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    Gregory Wilson Watford Lecture 2013: Help!!

    Thanks for your input! However, I specifically asked for more information on the Watford lecture; not on his entire tour. What you've provided tells me no extra info on the Watford lecture on the 16th. I do appreciate the fact that you tried to be helpful but, simply put, it doesn't help me...
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    Gregory Wilson Watford Lecture 2013: Help!!

    Hey guys, I was absolutely ecstatic when my favourite magician Gregory Wilson announced he was visiting Watford on the 16th April during his latest UK lecture tour. I'm desperate to see this guy live! But the start and end times are no where to be seen. So for those already attending the...
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    Motivating the Top Change

    Whenever I perform a Top Change, I always try to find an excuse to point towards something or someone. For instance, I may ask them something like "Could you hold out your hand please" or "Do you still remember your card? as I gesture towards them. "Or, I may reach across to pick up something...
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    Twisted Sisters 2.0?

    No, the cards cannot be examined. But with audience management, it shouldn't be a problem. Either way, buy the trick; it's one of the greatest packet tricks ever invented. However, if you want a trick which is examinable, check out Megawave by John Bannon. Not exactly similar to Twisted Sisters...
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    what's the name of this card trick?

    The trick is Shuffleboard by Simon Aronson. I'm not sure of the original source for this trick but you can find it on the Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks DVD by BigBlindMedia.
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    Collectors routines?

    That's fine :) And I'm glad I've lead you to (re)learning Aaron's variation; it's one of the better ones out there.
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    Collectors routines?

    Joel Givens' has got a really nice Collectors routine in his Session book as well as a bunch of other routines (Trust me, the book is really worth checking out!) Ed Marlo is responsible for one of my favourite collectors routines and Aaron Fisher has a similar one (in presentation) in his book...
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    Looking for the name of a trick

    I think the effect you're describing is Bill Abbott's take on Six Card Repeat "Five Card Opener". Bill uses a basket to store the cards he throws away so that's what I immediately thought of. Both Six Card Repeat and Five Card Opener are fantastic tricks but if you want to learn Five Card...
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    Looking for a rope routine

    I concur with both Rick and Formula. Fiber Optics is a must buy if you want to learn some killer rope routines. It features elements of Professor's Nightmare (which I believe you can purchase separately in the form of a small manuscript), ends of the rope jumping around all over the place, and...
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    Rope Magic One liners

    Check out Tom Ogden's Rope routine. He has some hilarious gags which I think you'll find useful. I would provide a link but I'm on my mobile phone / cell phone so I can't. On YouTube, just type in Tom Ogden comedy magician and watch his 15 minute show. Even if you're only interested in the rope...
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    Big setup FASDIU

    For setting up a deck in front of spectators, the cull is the most versatile sleight to achieve this task. The cull doesn't limit you to a small number of cards; you can cull all of one suit, all of one color, and so on. For reversing cards, i just cull the necessary cards and reverse them using...
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    Potential, a card trick by me

    This looks more like Trixel by Valdemur Gestur
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    Creating a deck of custom cards?

    House Of Playing Cards have a free template for you to download on their website. The file includes a template for a card box, and the playing cards themselves. Hope that helps.
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