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    Who inspired you?

    Who Inspired Me I would say the seed was planted with Copperfield, then I saw Mind Freak and was really interested in magic.. then in my looking found some DB stuff and that put me over the edge. I really like Blaine's organic style.. it definitely inspires me.. I get inspired from all over...
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    Semper fizzle I was in the Marine Corps for 8 years. I had more than enough chances to do magic for the troops. In fact, my commanding officer, made me learn a new trick every day before I got out, which ended up being 6 months.. so that kind of propelled my learning experience. Good luck...
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    Future 1-on-1?

    I would love to see a 1-on-1 teaching the simple switch and instant replay of PH.. That would rock.. I am working on it now and the **** is hard, especially from a book..
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    Crucifixion Deck

    The design is somewhat weak.. I didn't say it was bad.. but could use some help. I also don't think going the whole "christian" route is a good marketing tool in terms of playing cards.. My opinion is coming from being a professional graphic artist and marketing consultant for over a decade in...
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    March 2009 :: What Drives You?

    My Drive Comes from.... My drive comes from my vision for what I am wanting for the future.. which changes constantly but is relatively the same thing.. I am a believer in visualization and when you visualize yourself doing something, as soon as you start taking steps towards it, the gap...
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    This Is Why You Rehearse!

    What a bunch of retards.. I would never do anything dangerous unless it was 100% not dangerous... LOL..
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    Why are Jason England's downloads so expensive?

    Hey Mike, I just wanted to let you know I am a serious student of the art of magic and spend a ton of money and maybe that is were I am forming my opinion from. You know, if you spend a lot of money and sometimes you get sticker shock. I sorry if my opinion angers you.. it's my opinion.. I...
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    Why are Jason England's downloads so expensive?

    Well, I obviously struck a chord among some people.. Just to be clear.. I was not bashing Jason England and even acknowledged his vast experience and skill.. All I was saying, is that I thought that his 1-on-1s are overpriced.. and I still do.. but it's my opinion and all of you made some...
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    Help Us Stop Magic Piracy

    Maybe for music bro.. probably not for magic, especially if magicians are the pirates..
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    Vipers or Black Tigers?

    Black tigers baby!
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    Two New Color Changes

    Cardini change variation pretty much.. the first one looked just like the be kind change.. get on facebook and show it to Tony and see what he thinks?
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    Why are Jason England's downloads so expensive?

    I realize he has been doing a lot of card technique, but feel just because you are experienced, that you have to charge more.. I mean.. I get it.. your buying his experience.. but honestly.. I just want to learn the sleight and could care less about paying for his experience. I am not saying I...
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    Flow by Dan Hauss REVEALED!

    That's awesome.. : )
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    The most effective color change...

    I think people forget about the good old classic color change, angles are good and it looks amazing.
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    My Levitation Video

    Nice That is a great job editing man. The tricks are good to. Keep up the good work.
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