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    Saturday Night Contest - Heads (or Tails)

    1. Tails 2. Tails 3. Heads 4. Heads 5. Tails
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    Best Non-Gimmicked No Set-Up Card Tricks

    Touché my friend...
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    Best Non-Gimmicked No Set-Up Card Tricks

    And a lot of tricks become impromptu if you learn how to routine properly. And a good spread cull never hurt anyone either...
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    Best Non-Gimmicked No Set-Up Card Tricks

    I would also strongly recommend the fasdiu notes, both volumes. You can get them directly from Paul Cummins himself at
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    Magic vs. Religion

    Well RikAllen.... If your job as a magician is not as an entertainer, what would you call it? Certainly you want your audience to be amazed, in awe and wonderment, no? All those things fall under the entertainment category in my opinion. Maybe you would prefer the art category, but magic exists...
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    Magic vs. Religion

    "For those who believe, no explanation is necessary; for those who do not, none will suffice." I don't bother trying to alter anyone's beliefs with my my opinion, that's just plain old manipulation. I prefer do go the way of the professionals ala Osterlind and Banachek and explain...
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    Restless by Dan Hauss

    In my opinion, it's extremely hard to give a review without some sort of bias. Every magician comes to the table with his own preconceived ideas as to how the DVDs could have improved. All you need to do is recognize the facts: lots of gimmicks used, limited presentational ideas, ect. And the...
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    Saturday Night Contest - About the Launch Podcast

    JB, what would you say is your greatest achievement, and what do you want to leave as a legacy to the magical community?
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    Favourite Card Controls?

    1. Classic Pass (with hybrid riffle cover) 2. Deliberate Side Steal 3. Orbit Control I actually just made a new video showcasing a few of them here...
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    Favourite Card Controls?

    Classic Pass (with cover) Side Steal (as taught in CC) Orbit Control
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    Does Anybody Recognize This Effect?

    I am almost positive that can be found in "The Complete works of Derrick Dingle" under the title "rollover aces"
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    The Cannabis Transpo

    I really liked it. Thanks for sharing this.
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    Erdnase or Fisher

    I do the classic pass with my right fingers. this will eliminate any finger flash especially if you are appearing to simply square the deck, riffle, or dribble (just naming off some common covers used) In my opinion the best looking passes are the ones where the left fingers do not move at all...
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    Riffle Pass

    Very smooth. It's a thing of beauty when you get to see a pass this nice. I'm a pass man myself, so I know all the hours you've spent polishing the move. Your efforts have not been in vain.
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