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    1. SimplyMagic14
      I live in northern Indiana. Elkhart to be exact. The once before "RV" capital of the world. Yes I am a welder/group leader at a place that makes chassis for pop up campers. I am one of few that still has a job in this area. Good luck on getting married. Keep the magic alive in your relationship. Don't let that piece of "paper" change who you are.
    2. SimplyMagic14
      I take my cards everywhere. My wife gets made at me all the time too. She will get over it! I also work on palming different objects at work. That helps keep the natural look of the hand.

      By the way... it seems as though I am older then alot of people I talk to here. I am 36 with wife and two boys...10 and 8. Also every other weekend I see my 16 year old stepson. I don't mind if you don't.
    3. SimplyMagic14
      Hey haven't heard from you... How's things going? Have you been practicing?
    4. SimplyMagic14
      What kind of magic do U like? And what kind R U learning? What really caught my eye when I was much younger was card manipulation. I've been working on and off with that for the last two years. The thought of the cards coming out of no where is cool. I don't have a camera so I practice in front of mirror. In time this will hurt my performance because I'll rely on seeing what it is I'm doing. Any ways good to hear from you. Make sure to practice something every day!
    5. SimplyMagic14
      So how long have you been doing magic/flourishes? I've been into magic for a long time but really been doing new things the last three years. I like close up and the flourishes are really growing on me. Hope to hear back.
    6. SimplyMagic14
      Just wanted to say hi. Looks like we are both new here.
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