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    You are not an artist!

    Just for the record, I do not consider myslef to be and artist. I am mearly an enthusiastic hobbyist. I love magic as an art but i dont see myself as an artist. The funny thing is how defensive people get when someone makes a thread like this. Why do people feel the need to defend themself...
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    Palming DVDs?

    If you really need a DVD then sorry i cant help you. Although there are some great books out there that teaches palming. Expert Card Tecniques and Expert at the Card Table is two of them.
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    Well i did like your passes. They looked good. I dont use the pass that much when I perform. As for books: Dear Mr Fantasy by John Bannon. If you can get it. I think its out of print now but its one of my favorite card magic books. By Forces Unseen. This book is quite advanced but if...
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    Favorite Card Magicians

    Bill Malone, Lennart Green and i always enjoy watching my friend Erik Jansson perform. People who perform magic with passion.
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    What happened with Lee Asher and Aaron Fisher?

    Just a question mostly towards the Theory11 team but if anybody else know anything please do tell. What happend with Lee Asher and Aaron Fisher.. have not seen them around here for a very long time.
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    Old Man

    Not to bash on you Jordan but when we where in Blackpool there where only guys coming towards you and saying "DO THAT COOL CHANGE!!" Did not see that many girls at BP :/
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    Good Table Card Magic

    Hello all. im looking for a good book (or dvd, but i perfer books) on Card Table Magic. I now own Royal Road, Expert at the card Table and Expert Card Tecniques. I am think of buying Aaron Fishers book The Paper Engein. Any advice? Thank you.
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    Blackpool Convention 2008

    Ooh I though you where going to share with like Chris..... ok no we are staying at Cheqers Plaza hotell. I think its me, Erik, Jonas, Chris, Allan and Kris that are staying there. Though Erik said that you where stayin there aswell. But anyways, we will probably meet up and walk around in the...
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    Blackpool Convention 2008

    I can promise that you will see some stuff from me aswell. Curently trying to find good Table Magic. Dont relly kow where to look though. But there will be a great deal of session that i can promise you. We all live at the same hotell if im not mistaken? The Lobby Bar will be a great place to...
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    Blackpool Convention 2008

    Great Jordan. Im sharing a room with Erik and Jonas. im looking foward to meeting you. I want to see you perform The Burst IRL. I really enjoy the vid you made of it.
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    Blackpool Convention 2008

    Anyone attedning this huge convention on the February 22-24? Just wondering. I will
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    Fanning Powder

    In the begining a bought Fanning powder and added it to my cards. New or Old did not mather. But now when i feel that my card control has become greatly better i do notuse it at all. I like the decks better when they are just the way they are in the beginning. Fanning powder does not make the...
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    Any recomendations for effects?

    Hello everyone. After doing magic for about 6-7 months now all my friends are very well aware of the fact that i always have a deck of cards with me. I really love to perform infront of new people and still love to trick my firends. But i have come to a place in magic that i have learned like...
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    What Defines "Practice?"

    When i practise flourishing i really practise. I set aside some free time and put on some music and then just really focus on the cards. But I have to say that I do see it as practise aswell if you just fiddle with the cards. I mean i always have a deck of cards in my pocket and every spare time...
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    Can You Sign the Card Right Across the Face? An Essay On Proving Your Magic.

    I can agree with you on that point. But like some of the people here say that some tricks get better with a singning. I too get attached to a deck of cards. I hate it when laymen wants to show ME a trick after seeing mine and asks if they can borrow my deck. Moist hands and bad card controll...
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