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    Gambling routines & tricks for SoMe

    Hello everyone! I've been hired by a betting company to participate in a new commercial series they're launching this autumn. We're going to create a video series of gambling routines and tricks. The videos will be posted at their own webpage, their social media accounts as well as national and...
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    My go to list of impromptu card tricks

    Nice! I'll be sure to check them out. Always looking to expand my list of good, quality tricks. :)
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    My go to list of impromptu card tricks

    Hey, guys! I originally posted this on Reddit, but thought I could share it here, as well! Like many of you, I too have been searching for all those card tricks that can be done any time anywhere (and of course, like in the ads: with a borrowed deck). I've both asked and read on countless...
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    Invisible Card by Blake Vogt question

    Upon watching the trailer I immediately thought of Inferno by Joshua Jay, though with a different presentation. I've performed Inferno for some time now, and while it is an excellent trick, this just looks more streamlined and straight to the point. Less props, less storytelling – compared to...
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    Visiting the US for the first time (west coast). What to see?

    Great! I'll be sure to look into those. Thanks! :)
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    Visiting the US for the first time (west coast). What to see?

    Hi, I'm going on a vacation to the west coast in July. This is my first trip to the US and I do feel obliged to check out some places related to magic. I'm going with three non-magician friends, and we're renting a car for the entire stay (16 days). The cities we've (so far) planned to visit...
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    Retaining a card in fingerpalm while folding two cards as one

    Confusing title? Me too, but it was the best one I came up with. My head startet spinning after learning «Torched and Restored by Brent Braun». I loved the impromptu feeling of it, and I believe it is one of the greatest TnR effects out there. But even though it's great, I kind of felt it had...
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    Card force with 10-15 cards or less

    Hi, I've got a special request: I'm looking for a force that can be done with a small packet of cards, 10-15 cards or less. Also, I would prefer if the forced card would remain face down when forced (like the classic force, but there are too few cards to do it with), until the revelation of...
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    Goldfish production gimmick

    This question goes out to those of you that performs/have performed the production of a goldfish: I've looked at this goldfish production gimmick, but the description says that you only can wait no more than 15 minutes with a live goldfish. Are there any other gimmicks/methods that can keep...
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    REF4M - A review I feel strongly about

    A very well written review, Tempest, I agree with you 100%. In the beginning I had some problems with the display of the torn pieces and the ending. But that is just how I think as a magician. No layperson will never question those things, and after seeing the demo a couple of times, plus...
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    PK Ring question

    Hi! The effects and the possibilities with a PK ring has always baffled and astonished me, and I've decided that I'll get one in the near future. But I have a couple of questions, before purchasing it: 1) Is it safe to wear it while holding mobile phones or other electronical devices in your...
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    Tricks with a kicker ending

    You've just done a very impressive trick that made the spectators jaws drop to the floor. The skeptical heckler in the background is impressed, but not that impressed, because he thinks he saw a fishy move during the trick. "Impressive, but I caught you!", he thinks for himself. But then, just...
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    A couple concepts and ideas

    I must say I liked the idea for the Card To Mouth-effect. It's a nice, different and fresh take on trick. I do agree with you that there is some kind of a awkard time before the spectator sees the card, but with your idea, you're making two climaxes out of it, which eliminates the awkardness...
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    Which version is your favourite?

    Which methods do you use then? And do you talk about a specific trick? :)
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    Which version is your favourite?

    Cool! Looking forward to it! :)
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