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    Invisible Card Price?

    I didn't get a chance to see the price before it sold out.
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    Double Cross vs. Note

    I own Note by Matt Sconce. What advantages does Double Cross have over Note?
  3. Josh Clarke

    Draven Reviews: Passing Thru by Kevin Parker

    You forgot one of the most important facts; the bottle can be borrowed.
  4. Josh Clarke


    What if a spectator tries to bend and break the coin? Is it that simple or is there a special "technique"?
  5. Josh Clarke

    Rob Anderson is a swell guy!
  6. Josh Clarke

    Which effect fooled you till this day?

    The Blackstone Floating Lightbulb. Although I know what types of gimmicks are involved, I have no idea how they are all utilized.
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    Magic Trick FAIL

    Poor dove ...
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    Media Section Blocked?

    No, it's not that. It's a firewall on Theory11's end. Am I the only one unable to get in to the Media section?
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    Media Section Blocked?

    When I try to go to the Media section, a page opens that says the site is blocked by Firehost Website Protection. Does anybody know what's going on?
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    Best Release This Year

    The Code is definitely near the top of my list along with Phantom by Spidey.
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    White Magic: My Review

    Scott O., with all due respect, you need to get out of your tiny, closed box. You seem confined to your apparently small idea of what magic is. Open up and use some creativity. An ITR can do more than levitate objects. A borrowed ring can be switched. Once you take sleights and gimmicks beyond...
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    If you were starting over again...

    I picked up the book, but the ebook is available for $5.
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    If you were starting over again...

    I bought Royal Road to Card Magic over 10 years ago and I still perform effects from it to this day.
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    IBM in San Francisco?

    It hasn't been active for many years. There is a S.A.M. group that meets in San Francisco.
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