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  1. JoshDestroys

    Saturday Night Contest - Do As I'm Doing

    left to right... Joker , 7 of Hearts , 9 of Clubs
  2. JoshDestroys

    Holiday Contest

    Got an email that said I could click a link and automagically retrieve my points, but after I clicked it, it said my points had been retrieved already... Curious??? Nevermind it all figured out
  3. JoshDestroys

    Holiday Contest

    So I ordered six decks of monarchs this morning...and checked out as I always do, but never got anything about points or where to put them or anything? Did I miss something??
  4. JoshDestroys

    Saturday Night Contest - Learn. Share. Collaborate.

    Technology has changed my whole view of magic. When I was younger I remember sitting around the television with my family watching "The Magic of David Copperfield", (presented by Clorox) and being absolutely blown away. We used to video tape these specials so my father and I could watch em...
  5. JoshDestroys

    Custom decks... why not make some marked decks?

    With all the magic companies making AMAZING custom decks, and what not, why not make a marked variation of any of these? Or even better, a custom deck that is marked? I used marked decks all the time, and I don't care if people chime in and say I'm not a good magician or whatever...because in...
  6. JoshDestroys

    Saturday Night Contest - Christmas Card Lotto

    Queen of Spades...
  7. JoshDestroys

    Saturday Night Contest - Magic in da House!

    A safety pin penetrates a rubberband.
  8. JoshDestroys

    Saturday Night Contest - Daniel Garcia Roundtable

    1. What was the hardest part in developing effects for DGP 4, 5 and 6? 2. What is your advice for young magicians looking to make up their own effects? 3. What is your favorite effect from everything you have put out and why?
  9. JoshDestroys

    Shipping Prices on Cards Question?

    Hikeeba... I did the exact same thing. Filled up the cart with a brick of cards, and put in the code, and then saw postage and promptly emptied the cart.
  10. JoshDestroys

    Shipping Prices on Cards Question?

    Hikeeba... Good find! I still think over $15 for a brick of cards, in this case Tally's, which are only costing $27, is still a bit much. I would gladly order 16 decks, variety from T11 if I knew shipping was only gonna cost $5.00. I understand everything that JB is saying, and i am in no way...
  11. JoshDestroys

    Shipping Prices on Cards Question?

    To all at Theory11... It's hard for me to understand the logic in buying a brick of say Tally Ho's for example at about $26, and then have to pay a little over $15 for shipping to California. Can't we flat rate ship it for say $5 or something? I could tolerate buying a brick, and after...
  12. JoshDestroys

    The Score by Daniel Madison

    RikAllen... I feel all it takes with a red deck of bikes and the Blood marking system is to have the right lighting, and you are instantly discovered. I feel like both red and blue markers don't match up well enough to go undetected.
  13. JoshDestroys

    The Score by Daniel Madison

    how easy is it for the spectator to spot the markings? I was let down with the Blood marking system and do not believe that it would hold up to any kind of scrutiny by a spectator. -JOSH
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