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    Epic Fails in Magic

    (once, when I start with magic) My Sevengali deck drop into the flor ... face up ... J.
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    One Card Change - Help

    The miracle card switch by Ed Marlo allows you to show the card in your hand, place it on the table and switch it to another card + it let's you in a nice position to produce the card from your pocket. I learnit at E Ninja 2: Weapons. check the switch here (0.34 - 0.43) + You laso can learn...
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    If you've ever invented a trick...

    I came up with a simple one: perdiction made card selected, back to the pack, shuffled, show is not on top or bottom the spectador checks the magicians prediction, and says if it's correct or worg (let's assume it's worg) the cards are placed inside of the box or spectators/magicians...
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    Marking Cards ....

    Daniel's Blood marking system is one the bests; you save a lot of money in making your own marked deck with this method than just by buy one deck of marked playng cards. By the way, Daniel's method is a lot safe and less expencive + you can use this method in other playing cards than just...
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    Little Fella Grows Up by Caleb Wiles

    Nice work man :), You make me think ... Joel.
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    theory11 - THE 1-ON-1 SESSIONS :: Back To The Basics

    Since you alredy have the card magic basics, It wold be cool post some coin basics, since you're talking about how to begin and were to learn de basics, it could be a good folow. Just a though ... ;) Joel.
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    Truths outlining the reasons why people think of magic the way they do...

    Well, I'm gonna tell you that magic as not releted with religion in any form. I myself I'm a religion guy; I belive in God; and I also belive that magic is about "supernatural powers" and things of that nature. My describson to magic is simple : Magic is the artform that allow you to see...
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    The Pass

    Your turnover pass was really smoth, by the way, you expose a couple ones. the only problem with RD vid. was the camera placement and lighting. was a hard decision, but RD got my vote Joel
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    What was the first effect you learned?

    a simple trick using simple math a trick usin somethig I discovery in the future called "The Key Card" 21 card trick I still use the sencond trick but with way different presentation and using to my advantage in other ways Joel
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    New D&D card trick

    Yes I know what it's! (big smile uppun my face) :D In the past days I was checking D&D vimeo in the Bee Stingers video. In the comments, someone ask about that fantastic move; D&D answer that it was a trick by David Jade and Damein Vappereau, called STATIC; and, for our big happiness, it will...
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    Favorite Artist ?

    Daniel Garcia - creative, unique, funny Wayne Houchin - best example of a good perfomer Dan and Dave - they represent the new generation of magic and cardistry Joel
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    On Demand purchase methods

    Thanks guys, that help a lot! :D J.
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    On Demand purchase methods

    I'm thinking on buy Pixel by David Jade + Dan Buck. My only problem is, how do I purchase something (one On Demand video in this case) from D&D site? How does it work? The methods are similar to Theory 11 methods? What are the diferences? Please, someone could reply this question in...
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    Do you have another hobby?

    I'm thiking on learning classic guitar in this summer:cool:. J. P.S.: Oh! and I'm in school (if it counts as an hobby ...:rolleyes:); I also do internet surfing :D.
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    Compression by Dan White and Doug McKenzie

    I think Daniel Madison as something similar in Collateral; check that out, is called Thirteen. J.
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